HYPE Records presents: "New Tricks From An Old Dog"

"New Tricks From An Old Dog"

Bob Ketchum

This album is a collection of songs which have been sitting on the shelf collecting dust, waiting to be finished. For years, as I have been recording many artists and groups here at Cedar Crest Studio, I never quite found the time for my own recordings. Every time someone would ask to hear one of my own compositions, I always found myself searching through an old shoe box full of reference mixes on cassettes and playing them after apologizing for the sound. I finally got tired of making excuses and decided that I needed something I could be proud of. This CD is the first release of some of those recordings.

Through the years I have written many songs and in one form or another have committed these tunes to tape. Some of the earlier songs were originally recorded on either 8-track or 16-track masters, then put away in the tape storage vault "for a later time". Well, that "later time" has arrived, and I thought it was about time to finally put some of these songs to rest. One main reason is that I am continuing to write new material.. However, I was afraid some of the older songs would sound dated. Even though the public has never heard them, to me... they are "old" songs. I didn't want to continue to work on new material with all this old material hanging about and always nagging at me. So I decided to re-assemble some of the old gems and release them as my first album. Now that this album has been released I can finally put them behind me and get on with my writing career and where my head is at today.

Another reason for doing it this way is that I don't think I could ever recreate the "magic" that happened during the recording process years ago. Also, the list of guest musicians is quite extensive and I do not relish the thought of attempting to call all these people back to the studio in an attempt to recreate the original feel of the song. Instead, I chose to take the original tracks and move them to 24-track and rework the arrangements of the original musicians with some updating on the newer, modern recording gear at my disposal today.

Therefore, most of these songs will have some very old recording dates on them. Hopefully these tracks will not sound like somebody just threw a bunch of unrelated songs together on tape. I have always believed in these songs and they are all very near and dear to me and I thought it best to let you, the listener, hear what I had originally intended to say with each song. None of the lyrics have been reworked and I have taken great pains to make sure that the original arrangements and performances shine through the modern mixing techniques. My hope is that the older songs and arrangements will hold their own against the more modern recordings. I'll let you be the judge of that, and I hope you enjoy listening to this album as much as I have enjoyed recording it!

I would like to thank the following players for helping make this album so special to me: Randy Burden, Mark Cheney, John Davies, Doug Driesel, Danny Fletcher, Scott Hardy, Porky Hill, Tony Hines, Kent Jones, Randy Keck, Susan Ketchum, Steve Koenemann, Wayne Littlejohn, Jurgen Lottmann, Larry McFarland, Coco Montoya, Ray Ohls, Tom Payton, Walter Ramsey, and Mark Rex. Engineers assisting me through the years on these tracks include Chris Patton, Billy Keys, and Jason Garner. The most excellent cover art you see on this page was created by Richard Cherry of CP Graphics. The CD layout design was createrd by Jon Raney of Raney Recording Studio.

Below are the links to each cut on the album, complete with RealAudio clips of edits from the songs. Thes clips are edited version of the songs found on the CD, and are not complete songs. They are recorded at 44.1 and in stereo. These are not streaming files, but if you have a current version of RealPlayer, this file will automatically open your RealAudio player at the end of the download. If you DO NOT have RealPlayer you can go install it (and RealPlayer BASIC is FREE) at RealAudio.com

READ SOME REVIEWS OF New Tricks From An Old Dog

To read about a particular song's history, read the lyrics, and hear a RealAudio sample of the track, simply choose the title you want and click on it. Or, just start at CUT #1 and you can cruise progressively through the album at your leisure.

CUT #1: "You Can't Take It With You"
CUT #2: "Ain't No Love In The Darkness"
CUT #3: "Valentine Blues"
CUT #4: "Tower"
CUT #5: "I Don't Know"
CUT #6: "Best Dressed Girl In Memphis"
CUT #7: "Screw Yourself For Me"
CUT #8: "Just Another Day At The Office"
CUT #9: "Do You Know That We Still Love You"
CUT #10: "We Are All Part Of The Problem"
CUT #11: "Stress"
CUT #12: "The End !"


BOB KETCHUM: New Tricks From An Old Dog

Bob Ketchum


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