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Reviews on "New Tricks From An Old Dog"

"Bob's new CD, 'New Tricks From an Old Dog' has it all. Driving 70's guitar work, swirling Hammonds, tasty rhythm & blues...... If you can't identify with at least one of Bob's songs, you haven't lived and you need to get the silver spoon out of your mouth...... Fans of '70s Classic Rock couldn't do better than to add 'New Dog' to their collection...... This is a ready-made classic!...... These songs sound wonderfully dated! And at the same time, refreshingly new...... They don't write this kinda stuff anymore, and it's too damn bad!...... Don't let his modesty fool you, this CD rocks!...... "Screw Yourself For Me" is a perfect example of Bob's ability to balance The Cliche against The Profound...... Can't wait for his first confrontation with David Letterman."

"This is full-blown dad rock. Fusing bar blues and Metallic guitar leads with a country line-dance beat, Bob Ketchum (who incidentally has worked with '80s Swiss Metal band Krokus) now plays the kind of music that came out of your old man's radio when he was cleaning leaves out of the rain gutter."
Eric Shea - LISTEN.COM

Bob Ketchum is a very good artist that deserves alot or attention and respect. Great song-writing and intelligent song-writing ideas. I am duly impressed, indeed! Much love and encouragement from the PStarR family circle!!!
by MC LOGO 65
Rating: 10

Several cuts from the album have been getting getting airplay in various regions of the country. KSPQ (Q94) In West Plains, Missouri has been playing select songs on Robert Lynn's weekly blues show. Also, my old friend Clyde Clifford is playing cuts with alarming regularity on his "Beaker Street" program on MAGIC 105 radio in Little Rock, Arkansas. Be sure to tune in to these great stations whenever you are in their listening area.

Check out some of Clyde's playlists
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Check out some of the most recent reviews on these tracks:

"You Can't Take It With You" - - -

"This song is such a tell-tale story about everyday life. I can definitely relate to this one. This fellow Bob, has got such a gift for lyrics,and he seems he writes from his heart and personal experiences, which in my opinion, is the best way to write songs. There's not a human being alive that could not relate to what he's saying in this particular song, because everyone has these events one time or another in their lives. And I think relating to people where they live, (which this song accomplishes) reaches the masses and this artist's work should not be overlooked! He writes songs that anyone in any age range could relate to. I believe those Mammoth Recording Companies, ala "Big Nasty Brothers" should open their eyes and see the talent that this man has gathered over all the years he's been in the business and give his music a SERIOUS LISTEN TO!! I definitely would buy his CD,and I've friends who feel the same way. So Listen up Big Guys, this one is for you!!!! Don't miss out on this song!"

"You'll never change Bob and that is a compliment. Enjoyed the music and of course the attitude. Any of you out there that need a good producer/engineer and studio, Bob is the man! Keep up the fun."
Steve Harris, Oklahoma - SONICFISH.COM

"Valentine Blues" - - -

"Excellent blues... Good implementation of blues. Is that a real choir? It screwed with my head, if not, its a really good choir patch. The guitar was fairly tasteful. Good tone. Vocals excellent too, I loved when the Hammond came in on the guitar solo. Very cool sound."
nicneufeld - Raytown, Missouri - GARAGEBAND.COM

"Robert Cray feel. I like it. Guitar Player phrases well. Good vibrato. He has been playing awhile. The cliches are all there ..but they are his own style. Dry mix on the vocals adds a bit of tension to the tune that I like. My best score so far. Nice work."
CaptDoji - Biloxi, Mississippi - GARAGEBAND.COM

"Oh, Yeah! I love the track! It's really hard to get a good blues track anymore. You guys nailed it! Very well arranged and put together. Good luck!"
Rad - Colorado Springs, Colorado - GARAGEBAND.COM

"Best Blues Song In So Long. I love this song. This is the best one yet that I've gotten to review. I can't criticize what doesn't exist. Good job."
Sweets1245 - Otis Orchards, Washington - GARAGEBAND.COM

"Relaxing on a Saturday night. Good production quality. Good mix of instruments and voice."
CyrilWashington - Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada - GARAGEBAND.COM

"Now THIS is the blues. Nice tune, guitar is, nice mix - love the b3 or ( whatever ) sounds like one."
bluesen - Portland, Oregon - GARAGEBAND.COM

"Smokey Blues! Made me feel I was in a smoked filled bar. The intro sold me. Lyrics follow the lines of a Blue song. This song has soul, grit to it, good stuff."
simplyblue - Yankton, South Dakota - GARAGEBAND.COM

"Howdy folks,You guys got something going on with this track. I love the vibe of this track alot. I hear alot of maturity in the playing and the vocals. I'm not saying this to be nice,but you guys are the real deal."
billyboytn - Nashville, Tennessee - GARAGEBAND.COM

"Heartfelt . . . . I could feel the longing in the lead vocal in this one. Very nice."
partywitch - Los Angeles, California - GARAGEBAND.COM

"The guitar is (TALKIN)!! your vocals are cookin with HOT greese..and the band is way way in the pocket. I loved this."
srvtone - Carthage, Mississippi - GARAGEBAND.COM

"Loved it! You guys have it all together and delivered a first rate track. The start worried me; the intro seemed loose but from the vocal on everything tied together. The (Hammond?) organ brought more depth and interest into the song than straight-ahead guitar licks. The vocalist delivered! Good bass line. I found the guitar part overwhelmed the vocal just a tad toward the end but it was a tremondous track."
IgmoPerk - Calgary, Alberta, Canada - GARAGEBAND.COM

"Amazing! I love blues more now than before I listened to that track, amazng production."
SmartieAss - Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada - GARAGEBAND.COM

"Excellent! Excellent! I love your music!"
VoicePlus - Los Angeles, California - GARAGEBAND.COM

"Music your heart can relate to. It's like spending the night in Las Vegas."
BluKoala - Toronto, Ontario, Canada - GARAGEBAND.COM

"This is what it's all about! This may be the best song in the blues category yet!"
drboom68 - St. Petersburg, Florida - GARAGEBAND.COM

"Good and modern song. Good band."
dodik124 - Moscow, Russia - GARAGEBAND.COM

"Here's a very good valentine message. Very good musicianship. Strong vocals. This typical blues song is nicely done. The danger in this genre is that it all sounds so similar unless there is something very fresh mixed in. The background chorus of vocals provides it here. I like the straight ahead nature of this song."
Tomdaddy - Pennington, New Jersey - GARAGEBAND.COM

"This is the song I'm going to choose in this review. I must confess I thoroughly enjoyed both selections, but I will choose this one. The vocals blended with the guitar and keyboards just right. This song sang (if that makes any sense). The one part about this song I didn't like was the ending. It was too abrupt. I wanted to listen to it longer."
offBeatjim - Sacramento, California - GARAGEBAND.COM

"Your the sh*t! That was great - your gonna be big someday, I can tell."
John_Doe - Morristown, Tennessee - GARAGEBAND.COM

"Chi-town likes it! This track is right there baby... Nice feel, good playing...The kind of blues I like...I'm from Chicago too."
moedawg7 - Alsip, Illinois - GARAGEBAND.COM

"I usually don't like this kind of music, but I thinks that's great. Good mood and beat, good voice."
kristel - Hull, Quebec, Canada - GARAGEBAND.COM

"Real good! Had me reachin' for my ax! This is great! But, I didn't care for the background singers. I don't think they were needed! Keyboards should be enough! Keep it up, it's great stuff!"
giftmart2 - San Jose, California - GARAGEBAND.COM

"Sexy Santana double! Nice blues, original, well done. Sexy male vocalist! Is that Santana playing the guitar??"
IngridLoli - Castell'azzara - Grosseto - GARAGEBAND.COM

"Now thats blues! wow that was some great guitar, some of the best that i have heard in a while.... keep it up"
PeckREB - Knoxville, Tennessee - GARAGEBAND.COM

"Full melody,listen up. Enjoyed the way this was produced, nice symphonic sound from your back up vocals."
redstonerecords - Clinton, Massachusetts - GARAGEBAND.COM

"This Cut Has All The Stuff! Nice Intro, solid keyboard and vocal fills, and the lead guitar line carried through the tune nicely.... I gave it a 5, and it's added to my playlist! This is what a great blues tune should be..."
RedZone - Cherryvale, Kansas - GARAGEBAND.COM

"This song has a mixture of Pink Floyd with a singer that sounds like Jeff Healy or Robert Cray. But thats a good thing! Great song! No suggestions for improvement. Good Luck !!"
Extra Credit: Male Vocals, Guitars, Production, Mood

"Expert guitar and Vocals. I like this tune. Way to go!!!! Not much to improove on with this tune."
Extra Credit: Male Vocals, Guitars, Production, Mood
Special Award: Best Potential Movie Soundtrack

"Good job! One of the best things I've heard on this site."

"I had already heard this song on BROADJAM.COM and its a great blues tune. Strong vocals and a powerful guitar. If the rest of the tracks on his CD are as good as this one then the album would be a winner!"
Rating: 10

"Neat track, with nice Robin Ford like Guitar tone and Jeff Healy vox. Nice chord progression at the start as well, gives it a nice gritty urban feel, kind of like the first few Rober Cray albums. Overall good job."
Extra Credit: Guitars, mood
TheCor - Somersworth, New Hampshire - GARAGEBAND.COM

"Cool Arrangement!! I love this! Let me know who you are so I can listen to more! Powerful stuff! Great background vocals!
Extra Credit: Male Vocals, Guitars, Drums, Bass, Production, Lyrics, Melody, Beat, Mood
haystacker - Nashville, Tennessee - GARAGEBAND.COM

"Great opening.. super hook! the intro.. great great arrangement!! The vocalist is really good as well, super talent, very gifted.. has tons of range and emotion.. and freely expresses.. very well. The lyrics are very well written and arranged. Word usuage is good.. production supreb.. wow.. mix is just right, lots of movement.. super job great performance!
Extra Credit: Male Vocals, Guitars, Drums, Bass, Keyboards/Organ/Piano, Sequencer/Effects Programming, Production, Melody, Beat, Mood
PCL - Stillwater, Oklahoma - GARAGEBAND.COM

" Yea,That's mighty nice! Reel good feel and a fine singer. I'm a player with quite a few miles and I must say that guitar is sure gettin' across as is your vocal! This is a mighty fine song too. I sure hope all of us with that somethin'special like you have, get paid well in some way for our hard work. I played and enjoyed this two or three times. I had to call my wife in here to listen to this. Thanks for the fine music.
UncleGus - Benson, Arizona - GARAGEBAND.COM


"Excellent musicianship!"
"Good blues guitarist. tasteful lead. Nice stylistic vocalist. Great phrasing and ad-libbing."


"I had already heard this song on BROADJAM.COM and its a great blues tune. Strong vocals and a powerful guitar. If the rest of the tracks on his CD are as good as this one then the album would be a winner!"
by jperk

"Screw Yourself For Me" - - -

"George Thoroughgood meets B.B. King, they have a few and bitch about Record Company Execs."
louiesbox - RIFFAGE.COM

"Someone tell Durst there's another way to vent. Dig this jam. The music, in the classic song structure is the kind of thing I've seen thousands of times, but for the lyrics (slap-nuts funny) it works perfectly. Dig the !serious! delivery of those words. Decent vox. I'd like to hear more--if every song is like this, it's a one-dimensional act, but could be a favorite of a live show full of diverse rock."
DocRotten - Webster, Massachusetts - GARAGEBAND.COM

"Awesome gutars - it sounds great"
Idkona - Reading, Pennsylvania - GARAGEBAND.COM

"MAN I WANT TO MAKE SOMETHING LIKE THIS IN MY BAND........... blues............ WITH POWER YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I LOVE It it's the new without the JiM, DoOrS"

"Good guitar work. Like the groove kinda van halen playin the blues. good job."
Extra Credit: Male Vocals, Guitars, Drums, Bass
jacksonpc1 - Samara, Arkansas City, Kansas - GARAGEBAND.COM

"Beautiful Blues - Lovely live and raw sound you have here which is really essential to a good classic blues song. You sound so comfortable with this song as though you are really enjoying yourself. Perfect, really tight and together performance with vocals performed with real heart and really confident lead guitar licks. If I had to be critical it sounds like you recorded the band live in one room and the singer was at the back. In other words too much reverb on the vocal. He should be right up front with that performance."
Extra Credit: Mood.
Special Award: Best Feel Good Track
jacksonpc1 - Woking, Surrey, United Kingdom - GARAGEBAND.COM

"Guitar Heaven ! - Love those heavy guitars... The producer does a great job creating a real bluesy arrangement... Have a beer and enjoy this one.
Extra Credit: Beat
magellanman - Atlanta, Georgia - GARAGEBAND.COM

"The blues are back ! Pretty damn tight. Everything sounds good. Good performance and production."
Extra Credit: Male Vocals, Guitars, Drums, Bass, Production, Lyrics, Melody, Beat
Special Award: Most Rocking Track

sammy2b23 - Conyers, Georgia - GARAGEBAND.COM

"Sweet guitar tone and licks. Kick ass rockin song. The vocals are really bar band sounding but I like it. I would enjoy drinking a few cold ones while this band provided me with my drinking accompanyment. Cool stuff.
KangAndKodos - Decatur, Illinois - GARAGEBAND.COM

"Part Of The Problem" - - -

"Reminds me of a Frank Zappa. Not a bad groove, wish I could hear the lyrics a bit better though - most of what I heard sounded like a good message to me. Some funky playing there."
LoFiHoney - Hamtramck, Michigan - GARAGEBAND.COM

"This reminds me of Fishbone sort of. I like the weird wah thing."
amedsped - Chicago, Illinois - GARAGEBAND.COM

"hAVING FUN! cool song very nice these guys are having fun thats whats its all abouT !!!"
spideyxxx - Peace River, Alberta, Canada - GARAGEBAND.COM
Extra Credit: Sequencer/Effects Programming
Special Award: Best Dance Track

tedsdann - Samara, Samara Reg, Russia - GARAGEBAND.COM

"Movie soundtrack material"
Special Award: Best Potential Movie Soundtrack
Fezzik - New York - GARAGEBAND.COM

"have problem? the best song in the world love it"
Extra Credit: Keyboards/Organ/Piano, Sequencer/Effects, Programming, Production
Special Award: Best Feel Good Track
handsomal - Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada - GARAGEBAND.COM

"This is good stuff! Cool beat and everything. Great work! Keep up the good work!"
Extra Credit: Male Vocals, Beat
Special Award:Coolest Chill-Out Track

eggy243 - Brampton, Ontario, Canada - GARAGEBAND.COM

"I came round after a while, and warmed to this song. Quite fun, and trying to say something, I especially like the bit protesting about the way people are encouraged to lock away their feelings - and "we are lying to ourselves" this song has it's moments, and let's you know that counterculture and something human is still alive and kicking in the 21st century somewhere!"
Extra Credit: Lyrics
jo_kerr - Horsley, Surrey, UK - GARAGEBAND.COM

"Cool song! Loved this track guys, you have some real talent, and with time and practice you will go places."
Extra Credit: Guitars
Special Award: Most Rocking Track
ruxpinband - GARAGEBAND.COM

"Country? Punk? Rock? Rap? Whatever. Hee hee, the guitars are really good. The mix of the music is pretty good."
Extra Credit: Guitars
flippinrockstar - GARAGEBAND.COM

"Nice snap. Bass is well done. Good Work.

"south african funk. Neato. Reminds me of Johnny Clegg and Savuka. Excellent use of the technolgy on guitar tone. (also love that water drop noise! ) Extra credit for mood, up up up! Though the lyrics show superior peotship, perhaps the overtly polital stuff has been done and done again. ( but done well here, of course! ). Production is clear and bright and Musicianship is superb, I will look for more of your stuff. 4!"
Extra Credit: Male Vocals, Production, Beat
Reviewed by: jerrytetz - GARAGEBAND.COM

"Bass and voices. Great bass player. Great voices, I especially like the harmony. Good beat involved, and I like the lyrics. Don't be afraid to rock out a little more with some more guitar - the singer gets really into it, allow the band to go all out too. Throw in some varying instruments to mix it up a little -anything that matches your style."
Extra Credit: Male Vocals, Bass, Lyrics, Beat, Mood
Special Award: Most Rocking Track

Reviewed by: belladora13 - GARAGEBAND.COM

"Nice ENERGY! I like the energy behind this song. The groove is condensed and busy but good almost like a samba. I like the funky bass stuff a lot. The vocals are cool - kinda retro zappa or something."
Special Award: Grooviest Rhythm
Reviewed by: DarinLayne - GARAGEBAND.COM

"Yeah! I like it. I like it. Impressive musicianship. I like the groove."
Reviewed by: Inspector12 - GARAGEBAND.COM

"I've heard this song before. It still reminds me of early Chili Peppers, funky. Even the singer sounds like early Anthony Keidis. The lyrics remind me of a cross between the Mighty Mighty Bosstones and Talking heads. The little electronic flashes are kinda cool. All the instruments seem to be pretty tight, it sounds good."
Reviewed by: drewishus - GARAGEBAND.COM

"Funky Awesome. I want to go dress like James Brown now. Seems like the message of the song is a lot more serious than the music...... nothing wrong with that though. i am still dancing. cool bass line."
Extra Credit: Bass
Reviewed by: spherenot - GARAGEBAND.COM

"Very wild, very wild...... This is not radio friendly at all. If that's not what you're shooting for, you hit the mark. I can appreciate the originality of this song. It is well produced and recorded. More power to you when you're out. I have no constructive criticism. It'S good as it stands."
Reviewed by: Heavyblue - GARAGEBAND.COM

"The introduction sounds similar to the Red Hot Chili Peppers. The rhythm guitar tends to become redundant at times but there is a good guitar solo as well as constant beat throughout the song."
Extra Credit: Beat
Special Award: Grooviest Rhythm
Reviewed by: ElectriKA8 - GARAGEBAND.COM

"2001 Thunderbirds ..... This reminds me of the fab T-birds of the 80's. Not bad. The lyrics really hit home. I like the rhythm."
Extra Credit: Male Vocals, Guitars, Drums, Bass, Lyrics, Beat
Reviewed by: bunolagirl/Elizabeth, Pennsylvania - GARAGEBAND.COM

"Stress" - - -

"This is a song everyone can relate to, and should be a top ten hit, young or old can identify with this one."
vehicular - RIFFAGE.COM

"Gotta' love middle-age white rapper!"

"This song opens with a powerful riff and builds throughout the song."
pilaftank - RIFFAGE.COM

"Bob digs into Stress with a powerful backbeat and driving pulse.

"Your Lyrics are awesome so is your music. I really like the Stress Song W/ the Chainsaw!" Ryan Cashier - Anthony, Kansas - SONICFISH.COM

"The Best Dressed Girl In Memphis" - - -

"hi ya! this really does rock it is with out a doubt one of the best tracks ive heard on here i love it."
Extra Credit: Male Vocals, Female Vocals, Guitars, Drums, Bass, Keyboards/Organ/Piano, Sequencer/Effects, Programming, Production, Lyrics, Melody, Beat, Mood
Special Award: Grooviest Rhythm

escobar - Bournemouth, Dorset, UK - GARAGEBAND.COM

"Dance, Dance, Dance! great tune! the music & lyrics went well together & the beat was hopping! found me dancing in my seat! "
Extra Credit: Male Vocals, Drums, Keyboards/Organ/Piano, Lyrics, Beat, Mood
Special Award:Best Dance Track

sisyphus2000 - Bethpage, New York - GARAGEBAND.COM

"big fun! you guys remind me of Lyle lovett meets Hewy Lewis. Great beat, lyrics are cool cause you want to follow along the story about the girl. Big band feel with rock, country. very cool indeed."
Extra Credit: Beat
Reviewed by: sharpryce - New York City - GARAGEBAND.COM

"Well done. Strong vocal, hit song and if you're more beauty then Mr.Martin, great.
Extra Credit: Male Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards/Organ/Piano, Melody, Beat
Reviewed by: Meniameniome - GARAGEBAND.COM

"best thing I've heard in 12 reviews. Sounds great, in fact this isnt to far off from Ricky Martin's hit materials. You might consider writing a few songs for his next album. I like this a lot, funky , fun, happy, hooky, repetative but not enough to bore me! and the organ is great. production seems a bit stale, but mp3's are exactly hight fidelity! and thanks you for the entertaining, easily followed story!!!"
Extra Credit: Mood
Reviewed by: NashVegas - GARAGEBAND.COM

"Snappy intro. Wow. Straight off the bat. Bang, I was in. Is this Elvis in a Ricky Martin suit? Groovy. I'd like to hear this again with this solid production. Great hooky tune. Keep it up."
Reviewed by: choon - Sydney, Australia - GARAGEBAND.COM

"Musical Salad! Interesting mix of 70's keyboard effects with the very spanish feeling drumming (do I heard conga's?) and the horns giving it a jazz/squirrelnutszippers flavor....and the singer has a sort of bluesy/country feel. Really interesting mix. I like the originality. Nice strong male vocals. Fun and energy-boosting song....Tight band as well....Excellent production."
Extra Credit: Male Vocals, Guitars, Production, Mood
Reviewed by: pmelster - White Plains, New York - GARAGEBAND.COM

Extra Credit: Keyboards/Organ/Piano, Beat
Reviewed by: labtech - Newark, Delaware - GARAGEBAND.COM

"Dance, dance, dance! Not a heine in the house could stay put while this track plays! Hop in your car and head to Memphis! Musically, I loved the organ parts, excellent!!!"
Extra Credit: Beat, Mood
Special Award: Grooviest Rhythm
Reviewed by: finneus - Chicago, Illinois - GARAGEBAND.COM

"Return with me to the 70's please, that's what this song reminds me of. But that's not bad, this song gets up with a really strong groove that holds your interest. The vocals were clear, the backing tracks were mixed in perfect, and the mix was great as well. Nothing wrong with this song. Great job."
Extra Credit: Male Vocals, Production, Mood
Special Award: Best Feel Good Track
Reviewed by: Ringo_Shine - Klawock, Alaska - GARAGEBAND.COM

"A hook that does! Originality with a familar attitude makes this a pretty cool song ... I love a horn section in a rock song so I am biased ... great rythmn section and some cool keyboards help highlight a very unique vocal delivery and some good harmony action ... lead guitar work is tasteful and cool as well ... the ending left me wanting and that is always a good thing! Great tune - great performance - show me more! (ps The song is over for me now but I still have the chorus humming along in my head) - excellant hook!"
Extra Credit: Male Vocals, Guitars, Drums, Bass, Lyrics, Melody, Beat, Mood
Reviewed by: cjdenecia - Rockledge, Florida - GARAGEBAND.COM

"Rockskabilly! Good playing, a nice blend of styles. I hear elements of Rock, Ska, and Rockabilly. Unique lyrics."
Reviewed by: cdawg - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - GARAGEBAND.COM

"fun, zany - i like the zany attack on the music, and the fun feel overall."
Extra Credit: Mood
Reviewed by: robberw - Victoria, British Columbia, Canada - GARAGEBAND.COM

"good energy. really original sounding at a time where everything sounds the same. liked the organ in the intro tremendously."
Extra Credit: Keyboards/Organ/Piano
Reviewed by: Rwproject - Miami, Florida - GARAGEBAND.COM

"i like this one right away! sonic start with horns, guitar, synthesizer, drums, etc is really effective. it grabbed my attention immediately! good fun times lyrics combined with swinging music makes this a really effective "radio worthy A/C" song.
Reviewed by: writetoronny - GARAGEBAND.COM

"La Vida Loca? The instrumentation sounds pretty good. Everything sounds tight. The lyrics seem a little cheesy, though. Somehow makes me think of Ricky Martin. Very upbeat mood."
Reviewed by: randomworld - Longview, Washington - GARAGEBAND.COM

"Party on! Reminds me of Alex Chilton, and the Memphis reference does nothing to detract from that. That said, old Alex hasn't had many hit records lately, which leads to the question of how much commercial potential this has. Nevertheless, it's a good tune; you'll get high marks. Good luck."
Extra Credit: Beat, Mood
Reviewed by: jjodice - Staten Island, New York - GARAGEBAND.COM

"The vocals are like ZZ Top meets Elvis. The horns are an interesting addition. The song sort of has a Caribbean feel. It's well done."
Reviewed by: wilmaband - New York - GARAGEBAND.COM

"I like the liveness of this track. Great organ. I was moving along with this track. Very up beat and catchy. I like it. Keep it going guys, you are onto something."
Extra Credit: Keyboards/Organ/Piano, Beat
Reviewed by: Spyre - Brisbane, Queensland, Australia - GARAGEBAND.COM

"Unique, Fun Rocker! First off: Great FX on the guitar solo. Great Production This tune is an absolute blast to listen to!! I am really glad I was given the chance to review it! I was reminded of Huey Lewis...but not too much."
Reviewed by: ArmsandLegs - Boston, Massachusetts - GARAGEBAND.COM

"Fun!! Wow, this song was a lot of fun. It got me dancing in my seat. I could see this song stuck in a movie. I would prefer more of a funky Hammond organ sound as oppossed to the 80s synth sound going, but that's me. Groove on."
Extra Credit: Mood
Reviewed by: alohaspike - Honolulu, Hawai - GARAGEBAND.COM

"Nice keyboard work and Tom Jones vocal. Vocals were very strong and harmonious. I really liked the nice keyboards. The drums were tight. The tune light and snappy would sound good live."
Reviewed by: mudpouts - Ottawa, Ontario, Canada - GARAGEBAND.COM

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