CUT#7: "Screw Yourself For Me"

"Screw Yourself For Me"

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Obviously, this is a song with an attitude! Written in 1997, this is one of the most recent recordings on the album. The feel is reminiscent of the hard rockin' blues bands of the late 70's and early 80's. Sort of like a boogie on steroids. The day I wrote the lyrics I was entangled in all the ramifications of a recent divorce. My ex was also my business partner and things were left in quite a mess. I was feeling bitter and started thinking about all the people who had "done me wrong" through the years. Some people bash their fists through a wall. Others take it out on their friends and family, or worse... themselves. Me........ I write songs...........
I recorded the track on drums initially, then added a guide guitar track. All the other tracks were overdubbed at different times and by different players. After I got around to actually listening to all the tracks I realized I had WAAAAY too many guitar solos and would have to do a little trimming. I eventually discovered that I didn't like my solo's nearly as much as many of my guitar playing friends who dropped in from time to time and asked if they could play on "that wild song". I guess everyone got something out of it themselves. So, I started deleting my solo's and gave more room for other parts. The song eventually took on a life of it's own, which I am thankful for. Frankly, I didn't know what to do with it and all my original guitar parts bored me to tears. When I decided to include this song on the CD I originally had intended to call it "Havin' A Bad, Bad, Day" but close friends convinced me I would be copping out so I left it the way I had labelled the original slate sheet.
Finally, about three days before it was time to start mixing this song, I discovered that I had a hole in one last place in the song. I had always envisioned a harp part but the only person I knew in the area that used to play harp was my old "Goldrush" guitarist Mark Cheney. I gave Mark a call and he came right out and brought a handful of harmonicas. He said it was the first time in about ten years he had even picked up a harp but after a few minutes of encouragement from me he proceeded to lay down the first take harp part that is featured on the song. For those of you interested in the technical side of recording, to get a gritty sound on the harp, we used an old Shure "green bullet" mic plugged into a small, battery-powered Cortez mini-amp turned all the way up and then miked with a Rode "Classic" tube mic.

"Screw Yourself For Me"
(Bob Ketchum)

My baby left me standin' alone in the parking lot
she took everything, she even took my coffee pot,
drank my beer, threw my laundry out in the street
she cut off my hands, and she sewed 'em on my feet

I'm havin' a bad, bad day here
doesn't anybody see.....
If it's not too much to ask baby,
won't you please go out and screw yourself for me

Well, I went to work, my desk was all cleaned out
saw my boss and said what the hell is this all about
he grabbed my hair and he threw me out the door
flipped me the finger, an' said don't come here no more

I'm havin' a bad, bad day here
why don't you people see (I just don't understand it)
post this on the world wide web
Hey Mr. bossman, won't you please go out and screw youself for me


My partner left me, took the money from the safe
maxxed out my plastic, then threw the cards right in my face
demanded restitution 'till the year 2002
left me owin' 4 years back taxes, what the hell you gonna' do

I'm havin' a real bad day here
doesn't anybody see.....
when the grim reaper comes callin', I'm gonna' tell him
Hey Mr. Reaper won't you please go on and screw yourself for me

Bob Ketchum (drums, guitars & vocals)
Doug Deforest (bass)
M.R. Keck (Hammond organ)
Mark Cheney (end guitar solo & harp)
Wayne Littlejohn (middle guitar solo)

Dime-A-Dozen Music (BMI) - 1997.




HYPE Records
#17 CR 830

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