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This latest release from the former frontman for "Paperkid" contains a healthy dose of blues. Aided by Jai Lambert of "Hamilton/Lambert" fame on bass and assisted by Bob Ketchum on drums, Randy has put together an 11-song album which is primarily about women. Knowing women. Meeting women. Loving women. Tasting women. Hating women. Leaving women. And just women in general. Just look at some of the song titles: "Got More Love", "What Have I Done Wrong", "Wish I Had A Woman", "Never Find Another Woman Like You", I Want You", "Nobody To Love", and "A Woman's Taste".

But don't let the subject material fool you - this album smokes! Randy has digged deep into his experienced pockets and pulled out only the freshest, ballsiest, and tastiest blues chops to serve up. Veering away from the practice of the day of "rounding up the usual suspects" in producing an album, he instead chose to hole up in the woods at Bob's reclusive studio with just Bob and Jai as "the band". Jai played bass on all the basic tracks while Bob commandeered his vintage "Ringo Starr" set of Ludwigs for the occasion. Randy held down the rhythm guitar chores on those original tracks so the trio would have a close knit and tight basic track for the overdub session to follow later. The trio preferred to play it "right & tight" from the start instead of "fixing it in the mix" later. The basic rhythm tracks to all eleven songs were laid down in a matter of two days. Sparse overdubbing was accomplished on one more weekend session held a month later. Mixing and mastering was done in just two days. Console automation was only used to create a basic mix framework. Very little processing was used on Randy's vocal tracks, which were mostly first takes. The trio took a more honest approach to the music and added only a couple of other guitar parts and the occasional keyboard track by Jai. Some occasional percussion and a few background vocal tracks were added just for commercial appeal but the songs still retain much of their original raw feel from that first day of tracking.

A transplant from his native state California and currently residing in Fort Smith, Arkansas, Randy has been rocking the region from his hometown in Ventura, California to Memphis.

He began studying music at a very early age and studied drums, trumpet and violin. It didn't take long to determine his passion was the guitar. His first lesson at age ten led him to his first taste of performing in a country band made up of Randy, age 12, and other local talented youngsters. This triggered interest in other types of music and Randy was soon studying Classical, Rock, Blues, and Jazz.

Performing with bands such as Paperkid, Sultans of Schwing and Soul Merchant to name a few and sharing the stage with acts like Charley Musselwhite, Delbert McClinton, Asleep at the Wheel, The Fabulous Thunderbirds, Jimmy Vaughn and many more, his versatility in talent is well displayed.

Made up of seasoned musicians Randy refers to his band as "the best I've ever worked with". Randy and his current band, The Randy Burden Band are playing the music that he is now known best for, as he calls it "Powerhouse Blues" a blend of traditional blues, rock, soul and funk. "The blues is where I belong," says Randy.

His unmistakable blast-furnace riffs and powerful rhythm along with his smooth, yet gutsy vocals gives his music timeless power and the foot-stomping urgency few other artists demonstrate.

The Randy Burden Band is currently playing regionally and promoting their new CD "Lil' Piece of Me", released on Hype Records.

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