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THE BIG NEWS for 2014 is that The "Letters From The Earth" CD by Hamilton/Lambert has been digitally remastered and is now available for download and sale on the Internet through various popular media outlets, including CDBaby, Amazon.com, iTunes, and through the tribute Facebook page. The original CD, recorded in 1990, has been completely re-vamped using today's more sophisticated audio software. In addition, three songs have been replaced with three previously unavailable tracks which were also recorded in the 90's but were never released. The original CD had a limited replication run of 1,000 units. Over the years these CD's were sold one at a time until the supply ran out about five years ago. However, requests for the album continue to arrive, so a decision was made by the original trio that recorded the album to revitalize the project, and include some bonus tracks never before heard. Bob Ketchum, the original producer and drummer on the project located the original DAT mixes from the Cedar Crest Studio archives and spent a month remastering each song, taking great care to make sure the original stereo field and dynamics were preserved. The entire project was carefully remastered to enhance the original mixes, without sacrificing any of the subtleties of the original recordings.

The Hamilton/Lambert Project takes the approach that the song comes first; solos and egos come later. "Letters From The Earth" took over three years to complete, although it was worth the wait. The 14-song album features lots of strong melodies, intelligent lyrics and clever production techniques.

Joe Hamilton - a California transplant to the Ozarks is a master craftsman of lyrics, and teamed with multi-instrumentalist Jai Lambert, the duo makes some mighty powerful musical mojo. Jai was the former guitarist and keyboardist with Paperkid. He played all guitars, bass, and keyboards on this project and his voice contributes to the layered harmonies that make the Hamilton/Lambert songs unique. Bob Ketchum provides the rock steady and in-your-face drumming, seated at his vintage Ringo Starr Ludwig trap kit. Jurgen Lottmann provides the extra edge on percussion. But the real stars here are the songs themselves.

"Man Out Of Town", for instance, won a prestigious Arkansas Songwriters Award in the pop/rock division. "Under The Same Sky" appeared on a "Little Rock Rocks" compilation album and won second place in the Seagram's Talent Search. "False Attachments", another song on the album, was included on the KABF "Arkansas Jam" compilation. "Tuesday Train" is very popular with music programmers, and has a modern edge and feel to it that just sounds like an honest rock and roll song.


The press has made comments like:

"A pop throwback to the 60's British influences with a modern technological edge. The drums and bass are straight-ahead rock and roll, the guitars are bright and jangly, and vocals are pure and clean with emphasis on structured harmonies."(SW Times Record)

"This type of album is a songwriters dream come true" (Arkansas Democrat)

KISR in Ft. Smith, Arkansas says"Can the world handle this much talent!? You bet!"


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