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"The Russians Are Coming! The Russians Are Coming!"

Janya Sable, hails originally from the Ukraine. She moved to the states in order to fulfill her destiny as a singer/songwriter. She discovered her composing team almost by accident and of all places, in the Natural State of Arkansas. She had initially consulted with veteran producer/engineer Bob Ketchum about her career direction and to learn how to meet the "right people" who could assist her in composing the songs she had in her head. Since she does not play an instrument, she was finding it difficult to get her ideas across to musicians. Bob recommended that they bring in his friend and playing partner Mark Rex, a guitar virtuoso who has recently released his own solo guitar album on Ketchum's HYPE Record label. Once the trio got together things just naturally started to click. Plans were immediately made to initially record five or six songs for a suitable demo, but after only a couple of weeks the project expanded into a full-blown album project for DIME A DOZEN Music Publishing.

Each new track led to another idea and while Bob and Mark spent their time composing and recording tracks, Janya sat in a chair with notebook in hand frantically writing lyrics to snippets of ideas that emerged during breaks in recording. These "two guys in a studio", as they became known, eventually got so prolific at creating just the right sound vehicle for Janya's voice that 12 songs had been composed from scratch in just three short weeks of intensive song writing and recording. During this process several photo sessions were conducted for Janya in order to select some choice publicity shots to possible be used for the album and for press releases.

On an impulse, Ketchum started recording some raw video clips during the recording process. Later on he shot Janya with a Sony FX-1 High Definition camcorder against a blue screen and as a sort of "screen test" he edited several passes of her lip synching to three songs. Later he took the time to put it all together into a comprehensive demo package. He doesn't refer to these videos as "music videos" as they are meant more to show just how photogenic Janya is and how well she works the camera. It is the hope of Ketchum and DIME A DOZEN Music that "someone with a lot of clout" will see the potential in this diamond in the rough new talent. To that end promotional packages containing publicity stills, the 12-song CD, and a 3-song DVD are now being sent to various contacts in the business. The first order of business according to Ketchum, will be to secure the services of a personal manager who share the belief that Janya Sable is destined to become a mover and shaker in the music business.


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