"Overnight Success article in Baxter Bulletin - August 9, 2001


'Overnight' Success

Thursday, August 9, 2001

Bob Ketchum produces his own album

Bulletin Associate Editor

Bob Ketchum might be the next overnight sensation after, well, a whole lot of years working in the music business.

After making a career of recording other performers and bands, Ketchum finally produced a collection of his own music and it's now available to the public.

In fact, a couple of songs from the CD "New Tricks From an Old Dog" have found success on Internet music sites. One cut, Valentine Blues, hit the No. 1 spot in the blues category at one site and landed in the top 10 for all genres.

Ketchum's first album is on his own label, Hype Records, and much of the work was done at Cedar Crest Studios, currently located at Henderson.

Ketchum is a man of varied talents. He's worked as a musician since he was a teen-ager, playing various instruments and doing vocals with assorted groups and on his own. He has a gold record for his work as a drummer on Freddy Fender's hit, Wasted Days and Wasted Nights.

In addition, Ketchum has produced recordings for various groups and individuals, including bands such as the late '70s metal group Krokus. He's worked as a radio personality and, for several years, has operated his own video studio, doing everything from commercial videos to court depositions to music videos.

Through all that, Ketchum has continued with his first love, music. He's performed with his own groups, provided backup work for other performers and written songs. It's those songs Ketchum has written that provides the nucleus for New Tricks From an Old Dog.

"I wanted to call it Old Tricks From a New Dog, but when I tried to say it, it kept coming out New Tricks From an Old Dog," said Ketchum.

New Tricks From an Old Dog has a lengthy history. Some of the numbers Ketchum wrote and recorded as long ago as the early 1980s and have spent their lives on the shelf, or in a shoe box, or wherever Ketchum could store them. He said the songs have been recorded in three different formats, including 8-track and 16-track masters.

Ketchum said he kept putting off doing anything with his songs while he was recording other people's music for them and working as a videographer and occasionally performing. He finally decided it was time to do something with his own material and brought it together for his first album.

Because the songs span such a wide period of time -- from the early '80s to now -- Ketchum was afraid some might sound dated,but so far they've been well received by those who have heard them.

Ketchum's music is a blend of styles -- blues, Southern rock, dance rhythms and more. It features Ketchum on vocals and instruments.

Valentine Blues hit the Internet charts broadjam.com and garageband.com. Listeners at both sites praised the song as a straight-ahead, well done blues number and gave Ketchum high marks for his vocals. The song also features guitarists Coco Montoya and Tom Payton, keyboardist M.R. Keck and bassist John Davies and drummer Porky Hill of The Cate Brothers.

Several other local and regional musicians performed on different cuts for the album, including Steve Koenemann, Mark Cheney, Tony Hines, Randy Keck, Doug Deforest, Danny Fletcher, Scott Hardy and Larry McFarland.

Ketchum hopes people like his CD and that it will do well, naturally. It's available at Hastings in Mountain Home. They also can be ordered through Ketchum's Web site.

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