News From The Woods - June, 1989


By Bob Ketchum

Originally Published June, 1989

"Workin' in the Woods"

My, how time flies when you're having fun! Let's see - it's been several issues since I last made a contribution to these hallowed (or is it "hollowed"?) pages. Boy, have we been BUSY! Here's an update of the goings on at Cedar Crest Studio…

In January, we finished production on Judge Parker's 6-song demo for Praxis International Management of Nashville, representing the Ft. Smith-based southern rock band. One song, "My Missouri", has already received considerable attention from several regional radio stations. We also travelled to The Rink in Fayetteville to shoot a live performance video for the group.

Also in January: David Katz came in and produced a video presentation for Windseye, Inc. of Tampa, Florida - Jai Lambert made the hop up from Little Rock to assist in the production of two more songs for his Hamilton/Lambert project. By the way, congratulations to Jai and Sherry on their April 15th wedding. Jai is a guitar technician for Boyd Music, a wise business move for Bob Boyd. And finally - an update on the Paperkid project. A complete re-processing of the original masters with an all-new vocalist. More on this project later (film at 11!).

Add all this to our usual video projects like court deposition cases, weddings, TV commercial production, and personal music projects, and January turned out to be our busiest in the last 4 years!

February slowed down a little, but we still managed sessions including Total Access, David Sanders, Joe Beavers, Legend, Roger McConnell, and various corporate and industrial video projects. "All For You", by Legend, is getting a lot of air play in northern Arkansas and southern Missouri. We also had a great visit from Dick and David Renko, old friends from Ft. Smith. David (formerly of David & The Immatures, of late with the Cate Brothers), played some excellent sax on "Leanne" by Shark Avenue for Dime-A-Dozen Music Publishing, and also cut tracks on "Jamaican Holiday" (also for Dime-A-Dozen). We even managed to squeeze in a cover of "Spooky". While son David blew up a storm, "daddy" Dick showed Susan and I sneak previews of his budding new Hollywood movie career.

In March we went bananas with audio sessions from Vicki Fox, Smokey Road, Jess McEntire (of Cadillac Wheels) and Jack Robertson (of Chisai's Frontier Music Show), and a great session with 13-year old Kendra Lee for Radix Publishing, and are in the process of producing more tracks to complete an album project.

The Smokey Road session was interesting as well. We cut two songs for a single release. The 'A' side is "Bring Them Home" and calls attention to our POW/MIA's. The song starts with a "battle scene", complete with helicopters, machine guns, grenades, and bombs. Listen for it to be released soon.

In the video department we started building the studio set for a new cable TV program, "Inside Angle", a community oriented talk-show hosted and produced by my wife and partner, Susan. Production on the first 13-week series will begin in June.

We also started shooting a production for Redeemer Lutheran Church of Mountain Home, in what will become an informative video program focusing on the many facets and functions of the church. The project should take about two months to complete.

In April we recorded a new album for the Bill Pittman Trio, a regional gospel group with 15 years of experience together, and you could sure tell it by their beautiful harmonies. Look for their new cassette on New Life Records. We also started work on compiling a catalog of songs by Jess McEntire at the request of Tree Publishing of Nashville, and Randy Burden of "Paperkid" visited the studio to lay down a few tracks toward his solo project.

Does anybody out there remember a hit from the mid-60's called "Tallahassee Lassie"? Well, the original saxman on that tune, Mr. Jimmy Vee, is still gigging around the country with his band and had a three week stop-over in our area. During a radio interview with him I invited his band out to Cedar Crest where we exchanged musical interests. He took a liking to a particular Paperkid tune, "Dancin' With the Big Smoke", and proceeded to put down a trademark Jimmy Vee sax solo. Thanks, Jimmy and Lisa - wherever you are !

Our video clients for April included Highlander Realty, producing an ongoing promotional video package that should carry through the entire year, and another promotional video for Mtn. Muffler Mfg. Co., to be used by auto parts dealers to familiarize them with current manufacturing practices used at the plant.

We also participated in an annual child identification program sponsored by the Mountain Home Police Department and the VFW. We videotaped 30-second segments of each child brought in, and the tape is stored at the police department to be used if any child recorded on the program turns up missing. This year we taped 115 children.

Well, May is starting shape up and take form on the planning calender: We have several graduations and weddings to shoot; we hope to wrap up the "new" Paperkid project; we start working on our second album project for Denise Summy from Oklahoma; we have two more big video projects on the production board, including a new series of TV commercials for the Arkansas State Police, and I'll be celebrating the first anniversary of the "Ray & Bob" radio show heard every Thursday on KKTZ Radio (107.5 FM).

It is certainly shaping up to be our busiest year yet at Cedar Crest Studio, and we'd like to thank all our friends and clients for giving us so much support - and if you intend on doing some serious audio/video/music projects soon, now might be a good time to call and discuss your plans.

See ya' next time…

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