What do you get when you take four talented guys from the Ozarks woods and put them into a recording studio? You get "The Blue Hemp Superturf Lunchbox Experience" of course! Two parts funk, one part alternative, three parts blues, a dash of raw edge rock, and add just a smidgen of YEE-HAW and you've just about got it.

The groove always starts with Scotty and Jason. They hold the funk down. Adam gives it that alternative flair with his fresh approach on vocal delivery and ever present acoustic guitar. Justin rounds out the edges with whatever is needed on each song. One moment it's slide blues guitar, the next it's a wa-wa ride. Together they mix n' match styles as easily as you and I change clothes.

The really amazing thing is that this entire album was recorded in just two days. Two V E R Y long days, but still quite an accomplishment considering today's trend of taking a month to record just a couple of songs. The songs on this album have been fleshed out through many hours or rehearsal and live performances, letting the audience taste the flavor and changing the recipe to make it more zesty for the next audience.

Producer Bob Ketchum says he had a blast recording the band. "I was most impressed with their willingness to listen and take some chances as we progressed with the session. No matter how seemingly absurd the suggestion - like the recording of the song "Moonshine Mary", which was actually done in one take and around a single microphone... not to mention it was recorded outside in the back yard during an approaching thunderstorm - the boys would go at it and give it a shot. They took each idea to heart without making a judgement call before the idea ever had a chance to bloom. I worked very hard not to add anything which might change their musical direction, preferring to just barely add some subtle arrangement ideas to their songs, which were already nicely thought out. I actually feel it's the "rough edges" which make them so popular with their audiences. I thought it might be difficult to capture the essense of their live gigs, but in fact the record just sort of produced itself after they got into the process of recording basic tracks. Very little overdubbing was necessary, and they have great background harmonies anyway, so it was a quite a fun session and a real pleasure for me."

It was the entire recording process and the collaberation between band and producer which led Ketchum to eventually ask the band if they would like to release the CD on his HYPE Record label. The band felt that being on a small independent label would give them room to grow without becoming "just another band that owed the record label a lot of money". It also means they will be promoting themselves for a while but that seems to agree with their collective mindset. They actually like "doing it themselves". The CD design is also their own creation and they have very definite ideas about songwriting as well as promotion and marketing.

And as for their audience.... well, just ask anyone who has been to a Starroy gig and you will get back an enthusiastic and resounding answer.

Adam Barnard
Hometown: Steele, Missouri
Vocals, Acoustic guitar

Justin Henry
Hometown: Steele, Missouri
Guitars, banjo, mandolin

Scotty Robertson
Hometown: Steele, Missouri
Drums, percussion

Jason Hollis
Hometown: Sheridan, Arkansas


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