HYPE Records presents "Mojo Factory"

Brian Barham (Drums)
Amy Burris (Vocals)
Matt Burris (Bass)
Alan Turner (Guitars)

Mojo Factory was formed in October of 1999 as the musical vehicle to do a benefit performance for the special education department for the Greenwood, Arkansas school district. Brian joined on in May, 2000 as the permanent drummer. The band plays regularly, concentrating mostly on benefit performances, private parties, and a few select club dates.

"The Right Thing" is a compilation of songs written about life, love and understanding. The songs range from soft ballads to over the edge guitar laden rock. Amy's voice is a silky smooth crown jewel, riding on top of the rock solid rhythm support of Brian and Matt, who are seemingly plugged into each others head. Allen's guitar work is nothing short of inspirational, whether he's laying a groundwork of stacked acoustic guitars or manhandling a fly away electric power chord. These songs are very straight forward but the arrangements maintain a textures of thoughtful instrumental layering. Give them a listen and you won't be disappointed.

Mojo Factory would like to note that they support the Arkansas Autism Society, and part of the proceeds from CD sales will go to this worthy organization.

Check out their new CD "The Right Thing", on Hype records.

Download RealAudio Samples here:

The Right Thing
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Invincible Love
EDITED VERSION (904KB - Approx 3 MINUTES DL Time @ 56K)

Had To Let You Go
EDITED VERSION (986KB - Approx 3 MINUTES DL Time @ 56K)

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