CEDAR CREST STUDIO: Legal/Medical Videography Services

Location Shooting with Sony PD-170 Digital Handycam.

Complete portable audio mixer with multiple microphones.

PRO Stedicam Camera Stabilization System.


Video Recorded Depositions

Video Settlement Brochures

Day In The Life of Victim/Patient

Scene of the Crime/Accident

Video Recorded Will Execution Ceremonies

Courtroom Video Playback

Pre-Construction Video Surveys

3D Animation Services

Professional Graphics & Titling

Medical Procedure Videos

Surveillance Video Touch Up

Television Commercials

Bob Ketchum, Certified Senior Court Videographer (CSCV), Certified Court Video Specialist (CCVS), Certified Video Documentary Specialist (CVDS), Certified Deposition Video Specialist (CDVS), is a Member In Good Standing and on the Board of Advisors of the American Guild of Court Videographers. In 1997, he attended and videotaped the Arkansas Trial Lawyers Association 1997 Insurance Law Seminar in Springdale. Previously, at the Encore CLE held in Heber Springs June 19 & 20, 1997, he was a panelist for moderator John Belew, Esquire. The topic was "Using Video as a tool: How To Do a Settlement Brochure without Spending $25,000 in Catastrophic Injury Cases." In 2007 he documented the CLE Seminar held in Fayetteville for the Arkansas Trial Lawyers Association.

Cedar Crest Studio specializes in creating Video Settlement Brochures (also called "Video Mediation Documentaries") and provides professional audio/video support to ensure the best possible video deposition master for courtroom usage. We can be a key member of your litgating team when it comes to preparing and presenting visual evidence in the courtroom. We can assist in the following fields: Activities of daily living, video wills, evidence of insurance fraud, proof of damages, video recording of construction draws, testimony of remote witnesses, single or multiple camera video depositions, mediation documentaries, mock trials, control group discussions, scenes of incidents, courtroom presentations, video documentation of live presentations, pre-construction surveys, computer-generated re-enactments, and more. We use the LightWave 3D Modeler which is an industry standard animation and rendering software, and can create animations for settlement, courtroom, and exhibit purposes. If you want to know more about how we produce Video Settlement Brochures, please go HERE.


Frank Bailey / Satch Oliver - Bailey & Oliver, Mountain Home, AR
David Blair - Blair & Stroud, Batesville, AR
John L. Burnett - Lavey & Burnett, Little Rock, AR
John Belew - Belew & Bell, Batesville, AR
Ted Boswell - Boswell Law Firm, Bryant, AR
Roy Danuser - Danuser Law Firm, Mountain Home, AR
John A. Crain - Crain Law Firm, Mountain Home, AR
J. Scott Davidson - Davidson Law Firm, Batesville, AR
D. Randall Drake - Estate & Elder Law, Mountain Home, AR
Sidney P. Davis, Jr. / George Gibbs - Davis, Cox & Wright, Fayetteville, AR
Jeffery P. Davis - Turner, Reid, Duncan, Loomer & Patton, Springfield. MO
James M. Dunn - Warner & Smith, Ft. Smith, AR
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Dadid L Ethredge / David L. Osmon - Osmon & Ethredge, Mountain Home, AR
Scott A. Ellington - Ellington Law Firm, Batesville, AR
James E. Goldie - Davis & Goldie, Harrison, AR
Todd L. Griffin - Law Offices Of Gary Green, Little Rock, AR
David A. Grace - Hardin & Grace, Little Rock, AR
Katherine C. Gay - Gay Law Firm, Fayetteville, AR
Andy Hahn - Anesi, Ozmon & Rodin, Chicago. Il
H. Lynn Henry / Raymond Williams - Henry, Henry & Henry, West Plains, MO
David A Hodges - Hodges Law Firm, Little Rock, AR
Jefferey W. Hatfield - Law Offices of Mitchell Williams, Litle Rock, AR
Michelle Harkey - Harkey Law Firm, Mountain View, AR
Michael McCarty Harrison - Watts, Donovan & Tilley, Little Rock, AR
James R. Jarrow - Baker, Sterchi, Cowden & Rice, Kansas City, MO
Gary D. Jensen - Beardsley, Jensen & Von Wald, Rapid City, SD
Halley B. Lewis III - Fonvielle & Hinkle, Tallahassee, FL
David E. Morris - Morris Law Firm, Fayetteville, AR
Jeffery S. Monroe - Burkart & Hunt, Springfield, MO
John H. Marshall - Brasher Law Firm, St. Louis, MO
John E. Moore / James W. Tilley - Huckabay, Munson, Rowlett & Tilley, Little Rock, AR
Rich Moore - Brill, Moore & Wagoner, West Plains, MO
Thomas G. Morrissey - Law Offices of Gary Green, Austin, TX
Curtis L. Nebben - Bassett Law Firm, Fayetteville, AR
James A. Penix, Jr - Penix & Taylor, Springdale, AR
Sam Panger - Palivos Law Firm, Chicago, Il
Mark W. Potter - Potter Law Firm, Portland, OR
John F. Winters - Pappas, Power & Marcus, Chicago, Il
J. Crisman Palmer - Gunderson, Palmer, Goodsell & Nelson, Rapid City, SD
Howard Pederson - Lakin Law Firm, Wood River, Il
Jerry D. Patchen - Patchen & Mitcham, Houston, TX
Terry M. Poynter - Poynter Law Firm, Mountain Home, AR
Lynn C. Rogers - Hall, Ansley, Rogers & Condrey, Springfield, MO
James D. Sprott - Sprott Law Offices, Harrison, AR
Dale Smith - Smith Law Offices, Pineville, LA
Lynn J. Skinner - Skinner Law Offices, Heber Springs, AR
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John E. Moore - Huckabay, Munson, Rowlett & Moore, Little Rock, AR
William R. Pointer - The Duncan Firm, Little Rock, AR
Sidney P. Davis, Jr. - Davis Law Firm, Fayetteville, AR

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