MultiTrack Recorder For Sale
Multitrack Tape Deck For Sale

TASCAM MS-16 16-Track Recorder/Reproducer

We purchased this multitrack recorded from its original owner in 1988. It is an exceptionally versatile high-performance 16-track, 16-channel multitrack tape recorder/reproducer that uses 1-inch wide tape and operates at 15 ips. Currently it is calibrated for Ampex 456 Grand Master Recording tape, which is still being produced under the Quantegy brand. It was designed for demanding professional production applications, including lock-up to TimeCode based controller/synchronizers. It is mounted in the CS-65 Roll-around console. It comes equipped with the RC-65 multifunction auto locator. All operations are microprocessor controlled on this full servo reel system. It is a three-head deck, with an erase head and two record/reproduce heads (one for recording in sync and one for playback only.)

This deck also has DBX Type I Noise Reduction electronics for simultaneous record/play capabilities on all 16-tracks. Two DX-80S 8-channel racks are mounted below the tape transport in the CS-65 stand (see above picture), and are completely connected to the in/out patch panel located at the rear of the machine. Inputs and outputs for the MS-16 are furnished in both XLR (LowZ) mic connectors and RCA (HiZ) jacks. The entire top assembly with local transport controls can be tilted hydraulically for ease of use.

In addition, the deck includes the optional AQ-65 Auto locator with its 10 cue point memory, programmable pre-roll and two-point repeat. It is mounted in a Remote Roll-around stand with the CS-65. All output selections to the deck can be controlled from this remote, as well as head selection.

We have tracked, mixed, and mastered on this deck from 1988 until 1998. It has that "sweet, warm" analog sound and with the addition of the DBX Type I Noise Reduction, it's sonic quality rivals digital. There are more features built into this deck than can be listed here. It is very user-friendly and the multipoint cue memory makes it easy to mark either the chorus and verses of songs for dubbing tracks, or for individual song memory when working on several tracks at once.

This machine has been well maintained. Other than a capstan servo replacement in 1991, no other repairs have been necessary. The heads are still in very good shape and have had regular cleaning and demagnetizing schedules. Tracks 1 and 16 sound as good as the middle channels. This model machine is considered by many to be the "Timex" of tape recorders. It takes a licking and keeps on ticking! We are offering this deck for sale because we have installed a 24-track system and simply do not have the room to keep the MS-16 in our studio. As unbelievable as this may sound, this deck has had less than 100 album sessions recorded on it since it was purchased by the original owners.

The MS-16 would be PERFECT for the project studio owner or serious commercial production studio. At a time when ADAT and DA-88 Modular Digital Multitracks are becoming commonplace, this fine example of workmanship will impress you with its quality and solid build and its ability to run day and night, 24/7. It has real VU meters for critical monitoring (mounted on the front panel of the CS-65 stand for easy viewing), and with it's deck-mounted professional splicing block, you can show others what the original "cut" & "paste" meant!

This deck sold for $12,500 originally. We are asking $6,500 firm for it, the CS-65 stand, the RC-65 and the AQ-65, and the stand for the remotes. This also includes the 16-channel DBX Type I NR, all tech manuals, users/operations manual, and schematics. You pay the shipping.


For more information, contact Bob Ketchum at 870-488-5777.

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