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September 9, 2014-

Hello friends. A lot has happened in a very short time. It's (not really) funny how your life change change in a second, or an hour, or even a day. The short version is that I have cancer. If you want the long version it is the subject of my latest blog, "News From The Woods". I have SO many friends and just don't know how to talk with everyone individually so I make posts on my Facebook page whenever there is an update on my situation. I just don't want to bog myself down with the gory details every fifteen minutes because I have more positive things to dwell on. I will continue to update this home page but if it gets old, go to the BK Facebook page. Your well wishes, prayers, and overall good vibe comforts me. It's all good.

The latest "News From The Woods" blog is now online.

OLD NEWS BUT GOOD NEWS: Lynn Wasson, editor for the Entertainment Fort Smith Magazine wrote a great interview and story about my days in Ft. Smith, and abut the release of my book "Face The Music". You can read it HERE from the December, 2011 issue.

Also, don't miss my report on the completion of my book "Face The Music". It is an account of my memoirs, which is now available online. Read it HERE.

You know, stress is the greatest threat to mankind. Stress is universal. No matter where you live, there's Stress….. Waiting patiently to eat up your life. Everywhere you turn you are bombarded by Stress. Well, I got sick of it and wrote a song about it. It goes something like this:

"Stress" - Bob Ketchum from Bob Ketchum on Vimeo.

Don't forget my weekly one-hour commercial-free internet radio broadcast of the "HiTek Redneck Radio Show" online at, hosted by yours truly. The Cedar Crest Studio music vault has over 500 song titles by 50 artists. This program features original music from this vault, which means if you listen you are guaranteed to hear music you have never heard before, and it's all recorded by artists and bands from the Arkansas. Natural music from the natural state, naturally….

Back in the 80's, while working as a computer technician for the Baxter Bulletin, the paper's editor Rusty Fraser suggested that I start writing a series of articles covering the latest technological advances. I got bit by the "writing bug" and continued to write even after my employment at the newspaper ended. When I began posting my online articles (now called "blogs") and started up my web site I wanted a page where people could go and see the very latest changes I had made to the web site. I chose to resurrect the "System Update" name and logo, which was created for me back in the 80's by Mark Cheney. So now you know how I came up with "System Update" for this page. To read a few of these articles, go HERE.

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