News From The Woods.25


By Bob Ketchum

Originally Published November 20, 1998

"My Favorite Month"

November. My very favorite month! My birthday (and Robert's) started the month off with a "dual" celebration. We had Robert's birthday during the morning and day of the first, then we celebrated my birthday that evening with friends visiting and having a small party. I don't care if I NEVER ever get another birthday present from here on out. Just having Robert with me every year is a present that cannot be outclassed. Mommy Jane was so "smart" to have him on my birthday, for several reasons. First, I'll NEVER forget his birthday. And of course, we both share the same feelings, cravings, interests, and we are both Scorpio's. Poor Jane. She's doomed!

Usually November is not that bust of a month for us in the video department, but this year has been an exception. We finished Baxter's 1998 QSR/GMP video project, this year titled "PM Ninja", within budget and time constraints. The newly appointed Director of Video Media, Mike Rotenberry, and I have worked on several Baxter projects in the past. We had a really fun time shooting scenes in black and white and spoofing the old Japanese Godzilla and Ninja movies. We have discovered that it is very hard to produce a training video longer than five minutes without it becoming very boring very fast. So we try to add some kind of humorous angle or some funny segments within the main message of the video. It keeps employee's attention span and still gets the message across on the serious side. Next year our theme is going to be a Star Trek one! THAT should be a lot of fun to produce!

I also did some legal video work this month, as well as two video deposition sessions and a video settlement brochure. I also produced the yearly "Hands Of Praise" video project for Rich Lager, who heads up the video department for the "Hands Of Praise" project each year. This year we had one performance that Rich had staged on the White River. Using MultiCam Editor software, we intercut a live performance with the location footage and made a kind of "music video" out of one song, which was well received by those viewing the video project. We also started our 1998 contract for video services with the Mountain Home School System, by producing the Junior Class Play. Again using MultiCam editor, we did a two-camera shoot of the play and made VHS copies available to the public through the school.

On the music side of the studio, old friend Bill Dees came in and we started plans for a development of his works to be released through HYPE records. The first project will be a collection of Christmas Songs to be released as a Christmas CD. Bill is quite an accomplished songwriter, having co-written such hits as "Pretty Woman", "It's Over", and "Wind Surfer" for/with Roy Orbison. Plans are also in the works to develop a "White Wolf World" website for Bill, which will contain a bio, song clips to listen to, and an explanation of Bill's "White Wolf World" concert. Music will also be available to order direct from the site as well. It should be fully developed by Christmastime.

In the meantime, I am staring at two piles of software that has built up in the past two or three months that I have not been able to find the time to install or check out. I know this software will make life easier for me and probably shorten my production time involved in a project, but I just can't seem to get enough "quiet time" to organize myself and review and install all this wonderful, time-saving software! It's hard enough just keeping up with the constant software developments in the PC-World. Maybe after Christmas I will find the time...........

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