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By Bob Ketchum

Originally Published February 10th, 1997

"News From The Woods Now On Line"

Great news for you NetHeads. Effective immediately "News From The Woods" is on the World Wide Web. The URL location to set your browser to is:

So set it and surf it, then bookmark the page because all new NFTW updates will be available on-line at this address. It is also accessed from the Cedar Crest Studio's website at:

I just spoke on the horn with our illustrious and benevolent publisher ("Pay no attention to the man behind that curtain !!") who informed me that a home page for NIGHTFLYING is in the works as you read this very article so keep watching for that announcement and remember you saw it here first. Can you imagine the impact of people all over the world discovering some of Arkansas' Best Kept Secrets like, uh, hmmmm...well, Burger for instance!

Y'know, I always wondered if Peter Read wasn't really a closet nerd after all............I mean yeah, he LOOKS cool and hangs with all the right people and is ACTUALLY a musician living vicariously though his alter ego, but still....... I could SWEAR I saw him at Juanita's once with a Hawaiian shirt on and a pocket protector in his left shirt pocket. I suppose in all fairness though, someone who bandies about with words for a living might actually have a legitimate use for a pocket protector. I guess the only way we'll really know for sure is locate someone he went to school with and dig up that high school yearbook. Heh, heh, that always cuts to the chase.

But I digress. Now what was it I was going to tell you about? Oh, yes, NOW I remember. Occasionally I have been asked to write about a certain subject only to find out that I've been there and done that. Suddenly it has occurred to me that you people out there might not be saving every issue of NIGHTFLYING (for shame!) like those of us in the "know" have. Hey.... I keep having nightmares about the time my mother went to my closet and threw out all my original first issues of Spiderman, The Fantastic Four, and Iron Man comics. I can't afford to let that happen again so now I save everything "just in case". You never know. Maybe someday not so far into the future issues of NIGHTFLYING will be considered a Classic Sub Pop Counter Culture Regional Music Newspaper and worth THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS. It could happen !!!

Well, fortunately, some of us have lots of those old issues. Even some from the old Fayetteville daze. So anyway, lately I've had a lot of time on my hands and I started wondering about building a handy database of NFTW articles so at a glance I could look at the past 10 years or so and see what I wrote about so I don't repeat myself (heaven forbid that should happen). Just for fun let's take a trip to the past in NIGHTFLYING and see what I could possibly find to write about relative to the Arkansas music scene in general. Some of my favorites include:

Fall '86 "Ocean" session notes

March '87 "Kidd Juan" session notes

July '87 news of "Paperkid", Jed Clampit, and Peter Read sits in with "Goin' Jesse Band"

Oct '87 Production notes from "Arkansas Jubilee TV Special" for AETN

April '88 PR for "Mountain Magic" session and release

Fall '88 "How To Choose A Recording Studio"

Winter '88 "The Creative Spirit"

Summer '89 "Workin' In The Woods" Session Notes

Jul/Aug '89 Notes on Architectural Video Produced in Florida

May '90 Notes on "Whiplash Gumbo", drumming on a ferry gig and thoughts on home studio recording

June '90 Springtime at the Walnut Fork Woodshop, various sessions and Susan's TV show

July '90 "Whiplash Gumbo" session notes

Fall '90 Arkansas River Blues Festival, Denise Summy & "Whiplash Gumbo" album release party

Nov '90 Sessions on "Eureka Street Buskers", "Hamilton/Lambert", "The Cate Brothers", Jess MacEntyre, and meeting Jim Stafford.

10th Anniv. "Why I Write These Articles"

Feb '91 War in Saudi Arabia. Session notes on "The Cate Brothers", "Axxit", and "The Pranks"

Mar '91 About the studio's policies. Various band notes

Apr '91 Sessions with Angel Michael, Ruby Starr, "Great Southern Railroad", Jess MacEntyre, Rain Equine, David McKnight & others.

Summer '91 "Whiplash Gumbo", Arkansas River Blues Fest, APBA video, others.

Fall '91 State of the Music Industry Relative to Arkansans. The sad saga of "Paperkid".

Winter '91 Building a personal use studio for songwriter Bill Dees.

Oaklawn '92 "The Vipers" 24-year reunion.

Autumn '92 "If Bill Clinton Gets Elected President"

Dec '92 Remember "Arkansas - The Land Of Opportunity"?

12th Anniv. '92 Session notes on "Spiders & Snakes"

Oaklawn '93 Techtalk on analog vs. digital recording. Session notes on "Cold Ethyl" CD project.

Spring '93 "The Arkie Goes to California, Part 1"

Late Spring '93 "The Arkie Goes to California, Part 2"

Summer '93 Session notes on a studio "jam" with Doug Huffman of "Boston".

Late Summer '93 Moving the studio into the computer age. Various session notes.

Spring '94 "How I Keep Informed and Still Live Here". State of the Industry.

Summer '94 My group "Bad Manners" and our setup.

Summer '95 "Top 50 Ways How To NOT Make It In The Music Business"

Summer '96 Techtalk and the issue of buying gear from mail order catalogs.

Holidaze '96 "Let's Go Surfin'" on the Internet.

Winterdaze '97 "Bob Turns the Big Five-0".

Whew! That about covers it for the most part. Now you know MORE than anyone needs to know about News From The Woods. Keep this handy. There might be a pop quiz later.

Bookmark this address and check in with us once in a while. I would enjoy your EMail concerning the website. HAPPY SURFING !!!!!
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