The Video Photo Montage

Bring your family photos to life with a Photo Video Montage!

What is a Photo Video Montage?
A professionally produced video of your favorite photographs set to beautiful music, which will have special meaning to you, your family and friends.

How do we create a Photo Video Montage?
* First, you gather your favorite photographs and arrange them in an order of viewing.
* Next you choose the opening and ending titles.
* An appropriate musical score is selected, or your can provide one.
* We assemble your titles, photographs and music into a magical flow of images that will delight your family, friends or colleagues for years to come.

It's the perfect gift for Anniversaries, Graduations, Mother's day, Father's day, or any special event. A photo montage is a great way to highlight your special event, or as a video family scrapbook especially suitable as a special gift to your family and friends.

Those special occasions will become even more special when friends and family gather around the VCR to watch your favorite photos come to life! These enchanting photographic displays are also perfect for projecting onto large screens, and make superb focal points at parties and receptions. They're warm and always well received by guests.

Creating a photo montage is fast, easy, and affordable!

From beginning to end, these projects are handled with extreme care and attention to detail. Each photo provided by you is captured digitally and automatically sized to fit a television screen. In some cases, matte cropping will be necessary in order to allow the image to be placed properly within the confines of the television set or projection screen. We can use all size photos from keepsakes to 12 x 14's. Vertical format pictures won't be shown entirely, just the portion that we consider is more relevant to fit the TV screen. Also note that close-up shots in vertical format (most school portraits) don't allow to zoom-in enough to keep the TV format, without cutting the head or chin; so they may have to be matted on the sides. TV format pictures (horizontal, also known as landscape) are the best options. Image restoration and enhancements are available on special request, and at an additional charge.

Using the technical superiority of digital editing, we use 3-D effects and transitions to manipulate each photo gracefully across the screen. The addition of music and titles completes the editing process, and at this point the montage is ready to master to tape. We furnish the client with a professionally edited master VHS tape recorded in "SP" mode (the best quality setting) and presented in a colored cardboard sleeve with printed face and spine labels. Additional copies can be produced for $25.00 each, but must be ordered at the time of the original order, as we do not make studio back up tapes of each and every video project. Rest assured that each VHS copy will be duplicated from the digital master project.

EACH VIDEO PROGRAM includes one song per 20 pictures in the BASIC PACKAGE, so if you have 100 pictures, you could use up to 5 different music selections. If you want more, you may do so, for an additional charge.

Types of Photo Montages:

Baby Montage- An Ideal gift for Grandparents and a timeless treasure for you and your children. It includes a VHS videotape of a group of baby photos set to music taken from our library of appropriate music tracks, with custom transitions and effects between each image.

Growing up Montage- An Ideal video history of an individual growing up. Great for birthdays. Family will look back and remember, new friends will learn a little more about the person's life. It includes a VHS videotape of a group of photos from baby to present set to music taken from our library of appropriate music tracks, with custom transitions and effects between each image.

Engagement Montage- Great for a wedding video add-on. A reflection of the Bride and Groom growing up, from their early years through engagement. This is a look back that everyone who watches will enjoy. Parents and family will look back and remember. New friends can learn more about the couple's lives. It includes a VHS videotape of a group of photos, baby through engagement, set to music taken from our library of appropriate music tracks, with custom transitions and effects between each image. Divide the group of photos into three groups. The first group of photos should be of the bride, from baby up until the time the couple first started dating. The second group of photos should be of the groom, from baby up until the time the couple first started dating. The third group of photos should be of the couple together.

Life Story Biography- Life stories are living portraits for future generations. With a cinematic eye, your story, through using photographs and perhaps even some home video footage, and enhanced with selected music are edited into a poetic work of art that expresses the essence of who you are. No one can tell your story the way you do. No one can present your memories the way we do. An Ideal way to pay tribute to a persons life (alive or deceased). A unique treasure for all generations present and future. Take an emotional trip down memory lane.

Special Events Video- Special moments in your life. The moments that have lasting relevance and meaning, with all the flaws and perfection of the experience. Moments that in some way may have shaped us a little or a lot. These special moments are found in graduations, birthdays, retirement parties, tributes, engagements, and family reunions.

Family History- A Family Video is the best gift for those special occasions. You get to be the Director of the family history photo montage...just tell us what section of photos goes with each of your songs and write the titles you like! We use a wide variety of special effects for the transition of one photo to the next. We can use any size photo from keepsake size to 12x12, we may also use slides. We transfer all photos to video, adding music, effects and titles and you get an irreplaceable memory keepsake.

Wedding Anniversary- There is nothing like a photo montage that starts with photos of their dating, wedding, first house, children, trips, friends, special moments...! THIS is THE PERFECT GIFT...!!! Relive their lives together through an emotional trip down memory lane. Baby photos, Childhood photos, engagement photos, wedding photos, family photos, etc. A great way to preserve a family history for generations! We incorporate music, titles and effects creating a photo montage on video that families will treasure for many years to come.

Video Memorial Tributes- A Tribute Video is a beautiful and everlasting memory of your loved one. It is also a unique way to pass on to future generations those remembrances. The entire Program is accompanied by royalty free music tracks of appropriate style and performance. The video opens with a Title page which will read "In Celebration Of The Life Of (The Deceased)". Using fades or tasteful transitions , a series of 20 family photos, set at approximately 10 seconds, will be segued with appropriate scenic video segments. Additional images may be submitted at an additional cost. The video closes with a CG Title Page displaying the "Name of the Deceased, The year Born, and the Year Entered Into Rest". The Studio will furnish an additional Title Page of text to adjust to the Family's request. The Tribute Video runs approximately seven minutes in length.


You need to organize and prepare all your memories so that we can create the video for you.


We can use all size photos from keepsakes to 12 x 14's.
Please use this guide to help you sort and organize all your material:
Place all of your photos on a large table. Go through all of your memories separating the best and most meaningful photos. Choose all candid photos that show character and personality; shots where the characters are doing something positive and fun. Photos that cover important moments or events like Christmas, Easter, Weddings, Birthdays, Graduations, Family Reunions, etc. Try to avoid duplicated photos, and photos that don't say much. Don't use out of focus photos - unless there is NO other choice.

If there are different sections, like childhood days, school days, newly weds, First Born ,etc. , you may want to group them in different sections. Next you will decide how many sections you would like for your video. Count how many pictures you have in each section, and write down the information on a piece of paper, and include the title to be used for the section, other applicable titles and music choices.


The Ketchum's Background
Robert W. Ketchum
Born in St. Louis - April 6, 1903
Number of photos: 17
Music enclosed: CD of Classics from the 40's (Cut #11)

You may put all different sections inside different envelopes or plastic zip-lock bags. Pictures have to be numbered and arranged in chronological order. Please be careful not to damage the picture by pressing down on your pen. It can create an impression that shows through to the front of the picture. We recommend using sticky notes or post-its. Write the number with a no smudge pen on the sticky note, then apply the sticky note to the back of the picture. If applicable, identify with an arrow the subject in group shots (like school pictures). For extra titles and comments use post-it notes and place them on top of the photo. Photos may be prints, color or black & white of any size, but must not be mounted with glass.


All the slides should be either numbered or placed in the order you wish them to appear on the slide tray. If sending several trays please number them. If there are different sections, use a sheet of paper to describe the sections, number of slides per section, titles of sections and if you want titles on the slides, please specify the title by the slide number. Carefully pack all your material.


In some cases, home video footage can be included in the video program, at an additional charge. All tapes must be cued up to the desired scene. Only master tapes will be accepted. Acceptable formats are VHS, MiniDV, 8mm video, Hi8mm video, " video. Old home movie films may also be submitted, in either regular 8mm or Super 8mm film format.


We select a suitable music track or tracks to be played during your project. These music tracks are appropriate in music style and matched to the specific project. These are taken from our own library of royalty-free music selections. If you have a specific music selection you would rather use, we can add it to your project at no additional charge. This can be done only if the video is intended for home use and not for commercial purposes. Therefore, we require that you sign the order form with the disclaimer about copyrights. You simply supply the music and photos. The music (on cassette or CD) must be loaned to us and must accompany the images. The music and photos will be returned with the finished video.

LAST MINUTE TIP: When arranging your package for shipment, please always make sure that the CD's are inside your CD cases. It is very common that we receive the CD case without the CD or a CD case with a different disc inside. Double-checking your materials will save valuable production time.

PACKING ADVICE: Use a hard cover folder or cardboard on both sides to keep the photos from bending, be careful and watch edges. We recommend to insert all photos in ziplock bags, this will protect the content of the package from hazardous conditions while in transit. We definitely recommend either FedEx next day or Express Mail (the last one is the only guaranteed traceable service of USPS). We as an extra precaution place transparent tape on top of a label safeguarding the addressee and the send to address. Select a hard cover box to send your material and fill the surrounding areas with bubble filling material to isolate your photos and music from dangers of mishandling or impact. We advice you take care packing your photos, and do not try saving on the best shipping option.


20-60 photos result approximately in a 5 to 8 minute production.
100 photos result approximately in a 9 to 13 minute production.
150-200 photos can be from 15 minutes to half an hour in length.


Rush service is available. Note: All your photos, slides and other material will be sent back to you, undamaged, when we send your video order. Full amount must be paid in advance for services.


Shipping prices will vary, but as a rule of thumb-
USPS (Priority Mail with signature confirmation) (2-4 days) (up to 2 lbs.) $11.95
Next Day (Express Mail) (up to 3 lbs.) $24.95
(For outside the continental US, please contact us for shipping info)

For more information contact:

#17 CR 830
(870) 488-5777

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