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Jess McEntire

Jess was born in Paragould, Arkansas, but when asked where he was raised he replies, "Dad was a dreamer in search of greener pastures, so I was raised all over the country. I guess you could say I'm truly from the USA." Jess learned to play guitar from his dad's younger brother Jerry. He played in his first band at age 15.

Jess went on to pursue his music as both a singer and a song-writer. He was influenced greatly by such artists as Merle Haggard, Hank, Jr. and Waylon Jennings. To add to his influences were the stage antics of such greats of Lynyrd Skynyrd, Freddy Mercury and David Lee Roth.

In 1984 he formed the group "CADILLAC WHEELS". Together the group found great success in the Mid-South touring the nightclub circuit. It was during this time that he was introduced to Bob Ketchum and Cedar Crest Studio. His first single "Stay With Me" was released on Bob's CORRAL label. The single was performed with Jess fronting Cadillac Wheels on a television program and was broadcast from the studio live. Jess' song-writing and recording skills were honed in the studio with Bob at the console and at least a dozen songs were penned for Dime-A-Dozen Music during a stream of sessions extended over almost a decade.

After leaving the group in the late 80's, Jess nevertheless continued his writing and performing as a solo artist. He fronted for such acts as Johnny Lee and Tracy Lawrence. While appearing in Branson, he was discovered by Andy Williams' brother, Don Williams, who persuaded him to move to Nashville and pursue a record contract in 1991.

Upon his arrival he teamed up with song-writing greats Jimmy Foster ("Meet Me In The Middle"), Mark Peterson ("Cadillac Style"), and Blue Miller of the Gibson Miller Band. Jess sang on demo's with the now popular Daryl Singletary, Randy Archer of Archer Parks, and Buddy Causey of the Cooter Brown Band.

He has released a single "The More I'm Around Some People... The More I like My Dog" on Debut Records. An album "Minor Problems" also on Debut (DR 06012) features 10 songs written in the classic "Jess Mc" style. The CD is not available in stores, but for a mere $15.00, here's what you can get if you say you "SAW IT HERE":

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Jess has a HIT single in Australia and is assembling an all star group to do a tour. Dates are being set and will be announced on this site as the information becomes available.

A PERSONAL NOTE FROM BOB KETCHUM: "Jessie Mac has been one of my closest friends for many years. I first met him when he formed Cadillac Wheels and we shared many recording adventures together. I regard him as a top notch tunesmith as well as a damn fine country singer. His heart is always in the right place despite years of dealing with typical music industry types. To read Jess's words is to look into his soul. As an example of how topical his lyrics are, here is a song he wrote years ago but is still just as relevant in today's world. It is called "Down Time" and was co-produced at my studio with Gary Smith.

"Down Time" in Windows Media Audio Format

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