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Well Bubba, here it is.... the actualy beginning of the New Millennium (whatever THAT is supposed to mean). As usual, I am the last person to sign your guestbook, as I have been for the past three years. Since I am still in hiding I keep in touch with the world through my 'puter so it's no big deal to just wheel over to the desk at midnight and sign in. I've been scouring the airwaves and still don't hear anything revolutionary enough to call NEW music. I caught that "Battle of the Bands" promotion they held on oldies radio where it finally got down to a battle between me and those "Mop Top Fops". I know you think the world of those boys so I won't rub it in, but at least everyone still recognizes me as The King. There is only One King! I will admit that they did write some good songs, and with that George Martin guy they made some milestone recordings.... But I STILL started it all off, son. Tell 'em not to forget that. Finally, I'd like to tell you that I got some of the songs from your own new CD off Napster and heard 'em. I thought they were pretty dam rockin'. Not bad for a southern country boy! You probably got those "music genes" from your momma, and you don't live far from Graceland either. Maybe a little "me" is rubbin' off on ya'. I'd like to get you to send me an autographed copy of the CD but you know I can't let anyone know where I am. Hey! Remember how I used to move clouds with my mind on those long drives? Ya' gotta' Keep the Faith, Brother. Take care of your lovely wife Jane and especially that Robert. He's gonna' be a chip off the old block. He just LOOKS the part. So long, partner. Back to the "cave".
Ol' Swivel Hips <>
Memphis, TN USA - Sunday, December 31, 2001 at 23:55:21 (CST)
jingle bells batman smells... oh! glad to see no winter pics on your website! its been a long time, but i would still like to live there someday. (after protecting our country's freedom!) oops i must be MAD! MAD! MAD! but seriously folks, thanks for stopping by, stay a little longer next time, kick yur shoes off... y'all come back now ya hear!
eric wood <>
wahiawa, hi US of A - Sunday, December 31, 2000 at 14:59:35 (CST)
Bob, Thanks for making our first experience in the studio a great one! Your the man! It sounds great.Your a true proffessional. We look forward to working with you again. Jubal, Andy and Wes (JAW )
jubal partain <>
farmington, ar USA - Friday, December 22, 2000 at 23:17:20 (CST)
Hello Bob,Killer website.So much information and stuff. Here's wishing you and yours(your family)every blessing of the season and a prayer for avery day of the New Year! Have a Merry Christmas, Wes
Wes Passmore <>
Harrison , Ar USA - Friday, December 22, 2000 at 02:43:28 (CST)
Bobbo - Great Site! It's dark here in Alaska. Bush teachers, who normally do such things as: eat, do laundry, clean house, go blind from internet use, pick zits (or chin hairs, depending on one's age), peak out the door, (our nose hairs freeze in 3 seconds or less if we stay outside), pretend we're not home when most knocks come to the door (eskimo children always want to hang at the house................ok occassionally, but hell, I got sick of my own kids sometimes!)- many highly stimulating activities - more than I could possibly mention. .....come Friday nights, we merge stashes of booze(sometimes a 1/2 pint between 13 of us) and other delectable stashes, and take turns being DJ to our favorite music. Our closest activity that even compares to this is when we get to fly to Dillingham (nearest town that has pavement), go to the SEA INN, drink and KARAOKE with toothless fisherman, who haven't seen the opposite sex in months. Unfortunately, this is a Win/Lose situation because we must temper our alochol intake for fear of waking up next to a Halibut King on a ship headed for unchartered waters. We are lucky in the fact that we rarely make it to Dillingham. This can be a good thing because our mode of transportation is a bush plane that holds 4-6 persons. Fine, if the weather is good, the other passengers have bathed recently, and the pilot is in a good mood. Oft, this is not the case. All in all, I wouldn't trade life without cars, pavement, stores, fast food restaurants (in fact, there are no restaurants at all) for anything. Give me boiled moose nose, fermented beaver feet, stinky heads, salmon, caribou, and berries anyday. (Well, I must admit the fermented beaver feet is disgusting, and walrus tastes like liver that sat out for 2 weeks in the sun). The only thing missing is old friends back home. Hope to see everyone next summer! Wowsie - The Vipers make me Hot!
Chris Chimo <>
Manokotak, AK USA - Friday, November 24, 2000 at 07:18:16 (CST)
Hi there Bob Ketchum - My name is Jeffrey Alexander Worrall. While I was waiting for the Florida-Florida game to start, I signed on to Admiral Farragut Academy to see what's going on at school when our Football team is busy. It also happens to be at the time Florida is still counting votes for the year 2000 Presidential Election. All eyes are on Florida and I can't hear myself think. I could not find any orders from the Commandant or Captain, I notice the message boards are bare, The Ship's Bell needs polishing, the telephone booth downstairs is a lonely place. I have no access to Captain's Watch daily Log Journals. I haven't the time at present to write a Graduation Speech which I'd love to do for the Class of 2000. My notebooks, disks, tapes, and hard drives are all over the place around here - I can't find anything. I've made an Inquiry to the Office of the Attorney General of the State of Rhode Island and I've received no reply. I notice we have representatives from Student/Alumni up to the year 2004 - this is November 18th, 2000. Anyway, I did enjoy your Update page, listened to some music and all worked well with the download and play functions which is more than I can say for the Florida voting I did today. About all for now - I'm out of cigarettes and coffee and as I said above I can't hear myself think. From H Y P E R S P A C E PARTY HEADQUARTERS in Coventry, Rhode Island: RHODE ISLANDS FAVORITE SON JEFFREY ALEXANDER WORRALL
Jeffrey Alexander Worrall <JeffreyAWorrall>
Coventry, RI USA - Saturday, November 18, 2000 at 16:31:11 (CST)
I LOVE YOUR WEB SITE! Thanks Bob. -James(I'm really givin it my best shot) McMullen
James McMullen <>
Lamar , MO USA - Monday, October 16, 2000 at 16:22:05 (CDT)
I produce original music for underscores and I plan on submitting a few of the songs to you. I look forward to working with you. Great site!
Rick Owens <>
Midland, TX USA - Thursday, October 12, 2000 at 14:33:38 (CDT)
Ron Lee <>
Coffeyville, Ks USA - Thursday, October 05, 2000 at 18:51:08 (CDT)
A fine picture of the wedding you attended in Florida but you cannot see the beautiful, awesome set design very well!! AND, I will personally vouch for young Roberts' stellar performance in the wedding event. He was the coolest kid we've seen in a long time. Fun, well-behaved, charming and delightful. You and Jane have done an esxcellent job!! He stood out above and beyond his young flower girl partner-from-hell!!
Tandova Jade Ecenia <>
Tampa, Fl USA - Friday, September 29, 2000 at 23:30:04 (CDT)
TEZER dude!!
Bruce A. Ward <>
Kansas City, MO USA - Friday, September 29, 2000 at 16:48:40 (CDT)
Yes, Bob, I actually read this stuff. I don't know why I never signed you guest book. Oh well. I hope life goes smoothly. Greg
Greg Ecenia <>
Tampa, FL USA - Friday, September 29, 2000 at 06:58:09 (CDT)
Sad to hear about Porky...will try to be in Fayett Nam on the 8th...Great shots of Robert..Glad he takes after Jane in the cute department!!! Site just keeps getting better and better...Hope to see you guys soon!!!!!
Ray Miller <>
All Over, AR USA - Monday, September 25, 2000 at 19:45:15 (CDT)
I have lived here 8 years, and I didn't even know about you!! I am a musician, and I need a place to record!! You seem to keep pretty busy, but drop me an e-mail and tell me more... I am very interested in meeting you :)
Kimberly Rose <>
Calico Rock, AR USA - Saturday, September 02, 2000 at 11:43:56 (CDT)
Hi Cuz! Every time I visit your web pages I get a thrill just reliving "the good ole days" with your Mom & Dad. Keep up the good work.
Nancy Addis <>
Galveston, TX USA - Sunday, August 13, 2000 at 19:38:47 (CDT)
Bob, Just ran onto your great website while I was searching for a good used reel to reel tape recorder. At 42 years of age, I am starting to look back, and try to enjoy some of the simple parts of life. reel to reel was hi tech back in the 70's. If you have any leads, I would appreciate your comments. I was however very pleased with your article, "Life in a Military School". my son, Bryant is attending " St. Johns Northwestern Military Academy" in Delafield, WI. It was his choice,as he was failing 9th grade. He ended up with a 3.7 gpa, and can't wait to get back to school. As you know, it's not easy, but great for a child. I would like to meet you someday! Take care. Dave Stratton
Dave Stratton <>
Madison, WI USA - Thursday, August 03, 2000 at 22:32:34 (CDT)
Feel like I've already known you for years, guess it's a BOA thing! Keep up the good work!
Les Roediger <>
Mayetta, KS USA - Thursday, August 03, 2000 at 17:46:06 (CDT)
Hi Bob-Looks like things are rolling right along. Glad to see it-you can advertise the studio as the only Ozark resort-studio in existence. Miss ya and will be down to jam someday-I promise. I hope you got a haircut. Peace, love and hippieness-Matt McCauley.......Riding the "Big Deluxe" hamburger express.
Matt McCauley <>
St. Peters, Mo USA - Saturday, July 29, 2000 at 22:18:38 (CDT)
Hey Bob, what a neat panoramic photo of your studio, complete with the Lake View!! Anyone who hasn't visited it lately, kinda cool to use the controls to zoom in and out, pan around the studio room as well. Gotta run, Dude! CYA!!
Wayne Littlejohn <>
Anaheim, Ca USA - Sunday, July 09, 2000 at 02:50:56 (CDT)
Bob, I just got your CD in the mail Friday. “New Tricks From An Old Dog!” kicks major ass from the first cut straight through “The End”!!! Thanks for all the great work!
Randall Messick <>
McKinney, TX USA - Tuesday, May 02, 2000 at 15:16:46 (CDT)
Hey Bob! I've heard about your recording studio for years. I've run one here, part time, since 1972 (The Production Co.) I also have a Tascam MS-16 I'm thinking of selling, that's how I found a link to your site. Have you had any luck with it? Enjoyed visiting your site. Keep up the good work!
Ken Flory <>
Siloam Springs, AR USA - Sunday, April 30, 2000 at 18:43:19 (CDT)
Hey Bob I hope everything is going good in Mountain Home, keep up the good work on the web site......Rock on! Chaz!
Chad L Montague <>
USA - Sunday, April 23, 2000 at 00:04:38 (CDT)
How funny....I too bought a Dokorder in the early 70's. I couldn't afford the 4 track Teac..Before the old thing gave up the ghost (1990) I managed to fill a hundred or so 7" reels with original material...I bought a couple of "Drumdrops" albums and a '66 Fender Precision and an Ovation 6-string and a Casio keyboard and lo and behold...I WERE A BAND!!! Well, almost. You've obviously taken your love of music to another level, although I still come up with a cool lyric now and then and can't help playing a little keyboard (Korg Poly-800 II....also a relic) ever Wednesday night at Mustang Sally's....The reason I found you was that I was doing a search on that Dokorder...I'd like to get a hold of one so I can transfer all those 7" reels over to CD (or at least another multi-track recorder...If you know where I can get one let me know.....Great Web site.......Dave p.s. who R U?
David Edward Smith <>
Baytown, Tx USA - Friday, April 21, 2000 at 13:05:58 (CDT)
Randall told me if I visited and did not fill out the guest book that I'd have 6 months bad luck. Well I don't need any more of that since I can really identify with "Screw Yourself for Me". I liked it alot and I'll be back soon!
J Few
USA - Friday, April 21, 2000 at 11:10:09 (CDT)
hi bob! was listening to celestial navigations recently and thought of you! ahh, the good ol days... more to come all around i am sure! i have enjoyed visiting you via your site today and always look forward to catching up. robert is a fine looking boy! looks like he will make you proud in the studio soon! well, i will write you soon, we all miss you bunches. take care. eric & family
eric wood <>
wahiawa, hi USA - Thursday, April 20, 2000 at 22:50:04 (CDT)
I enjoyed browsing through your new CD! It was quite obvious to me that no one could even consider their CD collection anywhere near complete without a copy of "New Tricks From An Old Dog". I’ll be sending you a money order along straight away.
Randall Messick <>
McKinney, TX USA - Thursday, April 20, 2000 at 13:12:15 (CDT)
Happy to have visited your Guestbook! Come visit the land of 10,000(actually over 16,000)Lakes! Its a beautifull place...Itasca State Park(The head of the Mississippi river) northern an exceptional Park! Best to visit in the early fall when the leaves are changing color! Have a nice day!
Andrea Swanson <>
Long Prairie, MN USA - Tuesday, April 18, 2000 at 03:17:33 (CDT)
Greetings from Greenwood, AR! It's been a few years since our paths have crossed, so happy to hear about your new addition to the family-congrats! Not sure if you know Sue Whittington in Cotter, she just finished her 5th house concert and I thought you might be interested. She has brought in (and has booked) some fine performers. E-me if you would like more info, but then again, being the guru you are, you're probably already aware of her efforts! Down south, I'm starting a house concert series myself. Booking solo and duos, one concert a month. Family Folk & Blues House Concerts will have Emily Kaitz May 12th and Chris Cameron June 9th. $10.00 Requested Donation goes directly to performer. Know of any fabulous folks up north that might be interested in playing? Love to you & yours, Pam Camp-Presley
Pam Camp-Presley <>
Greenwood, AR USA - Saturday, March 18, 2000 at 13:28:30 (CST)
This is Joel Matthew calling from Dallas. I just cheched out your website. I think it is very cool. I'll send some money for the album when I get my tax return. I'm just visiting Dallas. I'll be back up there next week and I'll call. Joel Matthew.
thomas Douglas <>
dallas, tx USA - Saturday, February 26, 2000 at 13:32:53 (CST)
Cool web site!
James McMullen <>
Lamar, Mo USA - Thursday, February 24, 2000 at 11:09:31 (CST)
I was looking for information on Glenn Hughes and Trapeze when I found your great site. Found some old stubs from their shows in the 70's. Was talking to Harley the other day about Rock Bottom and the good times in that era. Worked with Dime a Dozen as a rodie for some concerts while in high school so I'm shure you wouldn't remember me. Anyway, continued success and a good new year for you! We still need a good promoter Ft. Smith.
Festered1 <>
Fort Smith, AR USA - Sunday, January 16, 2000 at 13:04:33 (CST)
Yo, Bob, Happy Mill to you and yours! The Katman is still alive and kicking in the Northwest Ark area...don't know for how long......Peace, you old hippy. :) David Raphael (RTZ) Katz
David R. Katz <>
Springdale, AR USA - Sunday, January 09, 2000 at 22:43:57 (CST)
Well - - - Happy New Year and Happy New Millennium to everyone! I sincerely hope that humankind can do better in the next 1,000 years. May you all enjoy good health and happiness this year.
Bob Ketchum <>
Deep in the Ozerk woods, AR USA - Saturday, January 01, 2000 at 22:08:53 (CST)