Exotic Dive Videos Set To Music

"Diving Grand Turk" is a 38-minute underwater excursion into one of the most beautiful reefs in the world, located off the Bahama Islands. The water is so clear that at times you will swear the marine flora and fauna seem to be suspended in thin air. This footage was selected from 4 different dives in a series and is edited digitally to maintain the highest possible picture quality. The original footage was shot in 2001on Hi8mm analog video. Underwater photographer/videographer Joe Atkins utilizes his unique talents to capture stunning and colorful video images in a series of dives highlighted by an original music score.

Eight original songs have been composed by Mark Rex and Bob Ketchum to match the mood of the video. Each song is crafted in the "ambient music" genre and is all-electronic yet very organic in it's sound appeal. It's great "quieting" music to just relax to as well, and coupled with the slow-paced and serene ocean setting the music and video compliments each other in ways that only viewing the program can describe.

"Diving Grand Turk" (38 minutes, HIFI Stereo) is now available from Cedar Crest Studio for a prepaid price of $29.95 (+$5.00 S&H). CD's are $12.95 (+$3.00 S&H). You may order videos direct from us at: Cedar Crest Studio, P.O. Box 28, Mountain Home, AR 72653.

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