The HiTek Redneck Radio Show

The HiTek Redneck Radio Show s a one-hour, commercial free broadcast featuring all original songs by Arkansas artists, all packaged up and presented in a format that harkens back to the days of "personality radio", where the disk jockey played the songs and gave valuable insight into the artist, chatting along over the heads and tails of the featured songs. Then throw in some classic old recordings, comedy bits, old radio jingles, live tapes, interviews with artists, and incredible studio jam sessions and you never know what's going to play on each week's broadcast. As a bonus, every Sunday night Bob Ketchum monitors the AIR chat room LIVE during the show to answer questions, take requests, or fill in intimate details of the songs being played. It's a non-stop laugh riot and many nights the artists themselves are also in the chat room to talk about their music or add to the mix.

How easy is it ? . . . . On any Sunday night at 8PM Central Time, all you have to do is click on the banner/link below, go to the AIR website (, and hit the PLAY button on the music player where it says "Listen Now". The chat room window is located just below the player bar and logging on is as easy as… well, falling off a log…..

How Did All This Come About?

In the words of the HiTek Redneck himself:

"The HiTek Redneck Radio Show was born on Facebook. In researching new ways to expose recordings made here at Cedar Crest Studio, I explored some Internet Broadcasters and ran across the Arkansas Internet Radio Facebook page. After adding them as a Facebook friend, I became acquainted with station owner Wayne Willems, who also happened to run the Little Rock Entertainment Agency. His goal with AIR was the same as mine, to further the exposure of Arkansas talent. I told him that I was also trying to get some of the music I had recorded through the years to the ears of listeners around the state and even the nation if I could figure out a way to do that. Wayne suggested that I send some MP3 files of bands and he would place them into his broadcasting program, which I did. But a few days later it occurred to me that no one knows this music as intimately as I do, being the engineer that recorded it all in the first place. Also, since I had retired from broadcasting years ago, I must admit that I missed being a DJ. I hatched a plan to kill two birds with one stone, and contacted Wayne with my own suggestion to furnish him with a pre-packaged one hour show of my own design. My mission statement was to play only music recorded by me through the years with an occasional track from other Arkansas songwriters that submit their own recordings through me. To "spice it up" a bit I explained that I wanted to fashion the program after the old "personality radio" days of the late 60's and early 70's. I still had all of my old one-liners and DJ jingles in the archives, and dragged them out to insert during each broadcast, along with a huge collection of bits and pieces from my 1-year stint with Ray Miller in the 80's on KKTZ, called the "Best of Bob and Ray". I had very early recordings from the 60's and lots of studio jam sessions that I could also include. In addition I planned to conduct fresh new interviews with many of the artists that record here, featuring them in future programs.

I uploaded my first show to the AIR server as a sampler and asked Wayne for his thoughts. He wrote back almost immediately and told me that he would be happy to generously give me a one-hour block each Sunday night at 8PM to see how the show would do. The very first broadcast was on February 21, 2010, and we haven't looked back since.

There are basic differences between radio broadcasts and Internet streams. The most obvious is that in a radio broadcast, the program is (usually) live on the air. It is instant gratification and is broadcast over a wide area, depending on the station's power wattage and coverage area. Listeners may be asked to call in with song requests, but that's about it. On the other hand, Internet Streaming has several distinct advantages. First, the broadcast is saved to an MP3 file and stored on a server where the listener may pick and choose not only the program they want to hear or might have missed during the initial original broadcast time/date, but they may also (in our case) download the entire one-hour show and play it on their own computer whenever it is convenient for them.

Another advantage is the AIR chat room. During each live broadcast on Sunday night, I personally monitor the show from my own computer and maintain a presence in the AIR chat room for the entire hour, giving information about songs, players, sessions, and other details about the artist being featured. In this fashion, each and every listener who is also in the chat room may "talk" to the DJ personally and get the inside scoop about any particular song or artist. Real camaraderie is building among the regular fans of the show who log on every Sunday night. They often make requests which I try to fulfill the following week. An interesting bonus for me is that I get valuable feedback from listeners about artists and songs which may help me in future promotions. But the best thing about it all is that the Arkansas talent is at last getting some real exposure."
Bob Ketchum

We're sorry, but this database is no longer available online.

The KIWI Server Site no longer supports these episodes.

SHOW #1 (Originally aired 2/21/10)
SHOW #2 (Originally aired 2/28/10)
SHOW #3 (Originally aired 3/7/10)
SHOW #4 (Originally aired 3/14/10): Ron Miller Interview
SHOW #5 (Originally aired 3/21/10)
SHOW #6 (Originally aired 3/28/10): Randy Keck Interview
SHOW #7 (Originally aired 4/4/10)
SHOW #8 (Originally aired 4/11/10): All Rock/Metal Show
SHOW #9 (Originally aired 4/18/10)
SHOW #10 (Originally aired 4/25/10): Steve Smith Interview
SHOW #11 (Originally aired 5/2/10)
SHOW #12 (Originally aired 5/9/10): Randy Keck Interview #2
SHOW #13 (Originally aired 5/16/10)
SHOW #14 (Originally aired 5/23/10)
SHOW #15 (Originally aired 5/30/10)
SHOW #16 (Originally aired 6/6/10)
SHOW #17 (Originally aired 6/13/10: The All-Instrumental Show
SHOW #18 (Originally aired 6/20/10)
SHOW #19 (Originally aired 6/27/10): Joe Hamilton Interview
SHOW #20 (Originally aired 7/4/10): Best of Bob & Ray - 1st Episode
SHOW #21 (Originally aired 7/11/10): Doug Deforest Interview, Pt. 1
SHOW #22 (Originally aired 7/18/10): Doug Deforest Interview, Pt. 2
SHOW #23 (Originally aired 7/25/10)
SHOW #24 (Originally aired 8/1/10)
SHOW #25 (Originally aired 8/8/10): "All About The Jams"
SHOW #26 (Originally aired 8/15/10)
SHOW #27 (Originally aired 8/22/10)
SHOW #28 (Originally aired 8/29/10)
SHOW #29 (Originally aired 9/5/10)
SHOW #30 (Originally aired 9/12/10)
SHOW #31 (Originally aired 9/19/10)
SHOW #32 (Originally aired 9/26/10)
SHOW #33 (Originally aired 10/3/10)
SHOW #34 (Originally aired 10/10/10)
SHOW #35 (Originally aired 10/17/10)
SHOW #36 (Originally aired 10/24/10)
SHOW #37 (Originally aired 10/31/10): The Story of Album Review
SHOW #38 (Originally aired 11/7/10): The "Crazy" Show
SHOW #39 (Originally aired 11/14/10): The "Country" Show
SHOW #40 (Originally aired 11/21/10)
SHOW #41 (Originally aired 11/28/10)
SHOW #42 (Originally aired 12/5/10)
SHOW #43 (Originally aired 12/12/10)
SHOW #44 (Originally aired 12/19/10)
SHOW #45 (Originally aired 12/26/10): Christmas Comedy Special
SHOW #46 (Originally aired 1/2/11)
SHOW #47 (Originally aired 1/9/11): "Paperkid" Special w/Susan Ketchum
SHOW #48 (Originally aired 1/23/11): Rich "Eureka" Jones Interview
SHOW #49 (Originally aired 1/30/11)
SHOW #50 (Originally aired 2/6/11)
SHOW #51 (Originally aired 2/13/11)
SHOW #52-A (Originally aired 2/20/11): Anniversary Show, Part ONE
SHOW #52-B (Originally aired 2/20/11): Anniversary Show, Part TWO
SHOW #53 (Originally aired 2/27/11)
SHOW #54 (Originally aired 3/6/11): Ann Ketchum at the piano
SHOW #55 (Originally aired 3/13/11)
SHOW #56 (Originally aired 3/20/11): Boots Walker Interview
SHOW #57 (Originally aired 3/27/11): "The A-B-C's of the HiTek Redneck, Pt. 1"
SHOW #58 (Originally aired 4/3/11): "The A-B-C's of the HiTek Redneck, Pt. 2"
SHOW #59 (Originally aired 4/10/11): "The Early 4 Track Days of Cedar Crest Studio"
SHOW #60 (Originally aired 4/17/11): The "Waveform LLC" Project with Ron Miller
SHOW #61 (Originally aired 4/24/11)
SHOW #62 (Originally aired 5/1/11): Featurig Ron Miller and Jerry Bone
SHOW #63 (Originally aired 5/8/11): The Mothers Days Show
SHOW #64 (Originally aired 5/14/11): The "Heartbreak" Show
SHOW #65 (Originally aired 5/22/11)
SHOW #66 (Originally aired 6/5/11): Ron Miller segment - "Geronimo's Stand"
SHOW #67 (Originally aired 6/12/11): Mover's Beatle Set
SHOW #68 (Originally aired 6/19/22)
SHOW #69 (Originally aired 6/26/11): "Southern" Show / Bob Ketchum Interview, Pt.1 on KAAY
SHOW #70 (Originally aired 7/3/11): Bob Ketchum Interview, Pt.2 on KAAY
SHOW #71 (Originally aired 7/10/11)
SHOW #72 (Originally aired 7/17/11)
SHOW #73 (Originally aired 7/24/11)
SHOW #74 (Originally aired 7/31/11)
SHOW #75 (Originally aired 8/7/11)
SHOW #76 (Originally aired 8/14/11): The "Protest Show"
SHOW #77 (Originally aired 8/21/11): The "Hot Summer Show"
SHOW #78 (Originally aired 8/28/11)
SHOW #79 (Originally aired 9/4/11): Tribute To David McKnight
SHOW #80 (Originally aired 9/18/11): LIVE REDNECK! All live recordings from the past
SHOW #81 (Originally aired 9/25/11): Featuring "Ruff Justice" and an interview with Scott Baughn
SHOW #82 (Originally aired 10/2/11): "Survival In Meantime" CD & Randy Keck interview
SHOW #83 (Originally aired 10/9/11): Reviewing the "New Tricks From An Old Dog" CD
SHOW #84 (Originally aired 10/16/11): "Chicks With Voices!"
SHOW #85 (Originally aired 10/23/11): Featuring "Little Rock Stuff" from 1990
SHOW #86 (Originally aired 10/30/11): MY FIRST BAND: "The Vipers" (1966-1968)
SHOW #87 (Originally aired 11/06/11): Comedy bits, outtakes, & bloopers
SHOW #88 (Originally aired 11/13/11): Got Live If Ya' Want It - Part 2
SHOW #89 (Originally aired 11/22/11): Krokus Pre-Production and Interview with L.D. Glover
SHOW #90 (Originally aired 11/27/11): Rock Bottom LIVE - and more
SHOW #91 (Originally aired 12/4/11): Whiplash Gumbo, WHIZZ LIVE, Krokus - and more
SHOW #92 (Originally aired 12/11/11): Waveform LLC< Paperkid, Rich Jones - and more
SHOW #93 (Originally aired 12/18/11): A Trip Down Memory Lane - PART ONE
SHOW #94 (Originally aired 1/1/12): A Trip Down Memory Lane - PART TWO
SHOW #95 (Originally aired 1/8/12): A Trip Down Memory Lane - PART THREE
SHOW #96 (Originally aired 1/15/12): Music and outtakes
SHOW #97 (Originally aired 1/22/12): The Pranks, Jerry Bone, Krokus rehearsal, Ron Miller & more!
SHOW #98 (Originally aired 2/5/12): Krokus, BOA LIVE, Whiplash Gumbo, Paperkid & more!
SHOW #99 (Originally aired 2/12/12): Bill Dees, Ron Miller, Hamilton/Lambert, OMC & more!
SHOW #100A (Originally aired 2/19/12): 2 YEAR ANNIVERSARY BROADCAST - PART 1
SHOW #100B (Originally aired 2/19/12): 2 YEAR ANNIVERSARY BROADCAST - PART 2
SHOW #101 (Originally aired 2/26/12): Whiplash Gumbo, Waveform, Paperkid, Doug Deforest & More !
SHOW #102 (Originally aired 3/4/12): Krokus, Rock Bottom, Richard Johnson, Ron Miller & More !
SHOW #103 (Originally aired 3/11/12): BOB COVERS THE COVERS!!
SHOW #104 (Originally aired 3/15/12): The Everybody Else Show
SHOW #105 (Originally aired 3/25/12): Krokus, Whiplash Gumbo, Cold Ethyl, Trapeze & MORE !!
SHOW #106 (Originally aired 4/1/12): The Cate Bros, Dave McKnight, Trapeze live, Whizz & MORE !!
SHOW #107 (Originally aired 4/8/12): The MOVER Reunion Show
SHOW #108 (Originally aired 4/15/12): Got LIVE If Ya' Want It - Part 3
SHOW #109 (Originally aired 4/22/12): Old and New Stuff, with Goldrush, Whizz & MORE !!!
SHOW #110 (Originally aired 4/29/12): Waveform, Whiplash Gumbo, Hamilton/Lambert, etc., etc.
SHOW #111 (Originally aired 5/5/12): The KLASSIC KUTZ Show - All new/old tracks
SHOW #112 (Originally aired 5/13/12): The Mothers Day Program
SHOW #113 (Originally aired 5/20/12): Krokus, Goin' Jesse, Goldrush, Judge Parker & MORE !!
SHOW #114 (Originally aired 5/27/12): Memorial Weekend Show with Jerry Bone, OMC, Doug Deforest & MORE !!
SHOW #115 (Originally aired 6/3/12): Violet Hensley, Waveform LLC, Rich Jones & MORE !!
SHOW #116 (Originally aired 6/10/12): Whiplash Gumbo, David McKnight, Richard Johnson & MORE !!
SHOW #117 (Originally aired 6/17/12): Krokus, Rock Bottom, G T Hood, Goin' Jesse & MORE !!
SHOW #118 (Originally aired 6/23/12): It's REGGAE DAY !!!
SHOW #119 (Originally aired 7/1/12): Waveform LLC, Trapeze LIVE, OMC, Spiders & Snakes & MORE !!
SHOW #120 (Originally aired 7/8/12): Goldrush, Kimberly Dahme, Krokus REHEARSAL & MORE !!
SHOW #121 (Originally aired 7/15/12): THE DRUM SHOW: An interview with Mike Grisham of Ozark Drum Company
SHOW #122 (Originally aired 7/22/12): Invisible Pedestrian, Mojo Factory, The Vipers & the usual suspects...
SHOW #123 (Originally aired 7/29/12): Krokus, Trapeze, Big Deluxe, Kathryn Lee Myers and more!!
SHOW #124 (Originally aired 8/4/12): Joe Hamilton, Rock Bottom, Joe Cunningham, Judger Parker & more!!
SHOW #125 (Originally aired 8/12/12): ALL LIVE SHOW!! Recordings I have made through the years....
SHOW #126 (Originally aired 8/19/12): Paperkid, Rich Jones, David Griffin, Cate Brothers, Krokus, Whiplash Gumbo
SHOW #127 (Originally aired 8/26/12): G T Hood, Janya Sable, Hamilton/Lambert, Jerry Bone, Jess McEntire, Kimberly Dahme
SHOW #128 (Originally aired 9/1/12): Doug Driesel, Jerry Bone, Trapeze, Ron miller, Steve Lane, Krokus and more !!
SHOW #129 (Originally aired 9/16/12): Goldrush, Robert & Mary Gilliham, Cold Ehtyl, Whiplash Gumbo & More !!
SHOW #130 (Originally aired 9/23/12): Joe Cunningham, Big Deluxe, Black Oak LIVE, David McKnight, Cate Brothers, Trapeze and more !!
SHOW #131 (Originally aired 9/30/12): Dirty Trix, Ocean, Hamilton/Lambert, Ruby Starr, Whizz, Whiplash Gumbo & More !!
SHOW #132 (Originally aired 10/7/12): Paperkid, Krokus, Janya Sable, Joe Hamilton, The Pranks, Mojo Factory and More !!
SHOW #133 (Originally aired 10/14/12): The "WHIZZ" REUNION SHOW: 38 YEARS !!!
SHOW #134 (Originally aired 10/24/12): The usual suspect PLUS "The Greaseman"
SHOW #135 (Originally aired 10/28/12): The SPOOKY HALOWEEN SHOW
SHOW #136 (Originally aired 11/4/12): Bob's BIRTHDAY SHOW
SHOW #137 (Originally aired 11/11/12): The "SONGS YOU HAVEN'T HEARD BEFORE" SHOW
SHOW #138 (Originally aired 11/18/12): The KROKUS SHOW
SHOW #139 (Originally aired 11/25/12): HEADBANGERS BALL!
SHOW #140 (Originally aired 12/2/12): Goldrush, Cold Ethyl, Mover, Hamilton/Lambert & The Bob & Ray Show
SHOW #141 (Originally aired 12/9/12): Whiplash Gumbo, Ruby Starr, Kimberly Dahme, Doug Deforest
SHOW #142 (Originally aired 12/16/12): Kamakazi, Ocean, Richard Johnson, G T Hood, Joe Cunningham
SHOW #143 (Originally aired 12/23/12): THE CHRISTMAS SHOW
SHOW #144 (Originally aired 1/6/13): THE NEW YEARS SHOW
SHOW #145 (Originally aired 1/13/13): Paperkid, Whiplash Gumbo, Gwenn Marie, Goldrush
SHOW #146 (Originally aired 1/20/13): Jerry Bone, Rock Bottom, Rich "Eureka" Jones, Spiders & Snakes
SHOW #147 (Originally aired 1/27/13): THE "LOVE" SHOW
SHOW #148 (Originally aired 2/3/13): The Cate Brothers, Joe Hamilton, Whiplash Gumbo
SHOW #149 (Originally aired 2/10/13): The History of "Goldrush" - including the latest remixes
SHOW #150 (Originally aired 2/17/13): The 150th Show !!

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